Embracing Color

When it comes to yarn (or fabric), color is my friend.  I’m always drawn to saturated, vibrant shades.

Vitamin D 1

Never one to shy away from wearing color, it’s always a challenge to pair my handknits with my clothes.

At Long Last

I recently purchased a blouse in the loveliest shade of “seafoam” and when I looked for a sweater to wear with it, as expected, there was nothing.  All those handknit sweaters and I came up empty.  Then I spied the first ever cardigan I knit – the February Lady Sweater.


It’s knit in this sort of coral shade of Malabrigo.  And just like that, the coral and the pale green work together perfectly.  The above picture was ganked 0ff my Ravelry page from 2009, I’m glad to report that I’m done with the knitting, I’ve only got to weave in the ends and add buttons.  I guess the reason for me dragging my heels with this one was because I wasn’t digging this colorway.  Suddenly, I’m obsessed with getting this finished so that I can wear it, pronto!

I’m going to try being more daring like this with my other handknit sweaters and experiment, because it’s all about embracing color.

What color have you been drawn to lately?

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3 Responses to Embracing Color

  1. Louise says:

    I am normally a brown, green, orange girl but for some reason I have been loving blues lately.

  2. Alice says:

    It’s funny I’m struggling with loving the orange you did your Cedar Leaf Shawlette and realizing that its not “my colour” , still undecided..lol. That what I like about your hand knits,full of colour.

  3. Tina says:

    I love color too but tend to knit with more neutral colors. I love your February Lady 🙂

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