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There And Back

We’re back home from our travels and are more or less or settled in.  With the start of a fresh new year; like most everyone; I’ve embraced the idea of a clean slate providing a launchpad for brand new ideas … Continue reading

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Merry And Bright

Warmest Christmas wishes coming to you from the other side of the globe! We are visiting family in India at the moment which accounts for my radio silence on this blog. I will be back with a post real soon. … Continue reading

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Canning Season

So, I’ve never canned anything before.  That is, before yesterday! By the way, we did have a great day at the pumpkin patch and I’ll share pictures of that soon.  However, we also went apple picking :: which was a … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Day

I have been thinking a lot about traditions lately.  Come October, my kids never miss out on reminding me that Pumpkin Day is almost here.  What began as a bit of fun picking out pumpkins at the patch, has become … Continue reading

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The Leaves Edition

My cousin posted this picture on Facebook and I had to share 🙂 Source There’s a chill in the air, the days are getting shorter and pumpkin spice lattes are back! Time for nature’s catwalk to begin with trees resplendent … Continue reading

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Seamed Vs. Seamless

When I initially began knitting sweaters, the concept of seamless, top-down knitting, in the round was pretty unconventional.  Even for baby sweaters.  Patterns instructed you to knit the sweater in pieces and then seam the parts together.  There was little … Continue reading

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Screaming And Shaking My Fist!

My dear friend and neighbor (the same one who taught me how to quilt) has been going through some really tough medical issues and I have had to take a break from everything routine including social media/blogging and simply life … Continue reading

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Summer Style

Hello lovely people! We’ve been back from our summer vacation in the Okanagan Valley for a few days now and things have eased back into the lazy, lovely summer-style schedule.  Perfect! Time away in the valley means many, many dips in … Continue reading

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Bloggy Stuff

Hello lovely people and happy first day of summer!!! I’m here to do a bit of housekeeping talk about this ol’ blog.  Some of the pictures I post on my blog are squished and spilling over into my sidebar and … Continue reading

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A Bunch Of Random

Can lilacs fade? Ours certainly have although, they smell just as pretty. Come on little bean, you can do it!  I noticed a tear on one of the leaves.  I hope it isn’t some pesky bug but just from little … Continue reading

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