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There And Back

We’re back home from our travels and are more or less or settled in.  With the start of a fresh new year; like most everyone; I’ve embraced the idea of a clean slate providing a launchpad for brand new ideas and a renewed focus.

Kabini SunriseOver the next few days, I will share the projects I have finished but didn’t get a chance to blog about before 2013 drew to a close.  But today, some snapshots of our recent holiday to India (some of these pictures have been pinched off Vineet’s Facebook page, I’m sure he won’t mind, lol!) 

Wild Gaur

It was exciting and adventuresome and a whirlwind of travel to so many places all squeezed into 3 short weeks.  We always seem to do vacations this way… at breakneck speed!

So Many Choices

Transatlantic winter travel always poses a threat for delays and our flight was no exception.  We didn’t make our connection in Frankfurt and as a result we ended up having to do two stops instead of one before we reached our destination.  With all of the re-routing, our luggage was lost in transit.  Hah!  We did get our stuff after a couple days but it was a strange feeling to have to go shopping straight from the airport!


Vineet’s sister and her husband flew in from Tennessee too and so we had ourselves a mini family reunion over the holidays.  We went to Chennai, Cochin, Bangalore, Mysore and Kabini and enjoyed Christmas with family in India during this trip.  See, I told you it was a whirlwind!

Flatbread How I Heart You

I have to share this sight… these men hard at work on that unsafe looking fishing boat, no life vests, no navigation system, I think there was a motor but I didn’t hear it running!

Bringing home the bacon

They were on that boat in the middle of this


Here’s the amazing part, they hauled out two huge nets bursting with fish!  Bravo, three men whom I do not know!

We took a few days to unwind before we headed back home and we picked the middle of the jungle to relax and rejuvenate.

I Can Get Used To This

It was definitely a great choice because we were spoiled by the beauty of our surroundings and majestic wildlife.

Snooze Fest

I will never tire of seeing elephants and we saw a whole lot of them this time.

So Lovable

We would have loved to have spotted one of the big cats but they were quite elusive.  We heard one of them calling though and that sound was so thrilling and so heart-stopping at the same time.  The deer were on high alert too.


The kids looked everywhere for fallen peacock feathers but there were none to be found even though there were peacocks everywhere.  Wrong season maybe?

Jungle Peacock

All holidays must come to an end and now we’re back.  It does feel great to be home 🙂

Aww The Babies

I’m excited to share the plans I’ve envisioned for my creative focus for the year ahead. Watch this space!

Gentle Giant

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Merry And Bright

Warmest Christmas wishes coming to you from the other side of the globe! We are visiting family in India at the moment which accounts for my radio silence on this blog. I will be back with a post real soon.


Have a wonderful, joy-filled holiday season with your loved ones!


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Pulling Off The Impossible

I’m sure I’ll be knitting my latest project till the last minute, maybe even blocking on the road and this is why…

One of my cousins is getting married in 2 weeks.  She’s pretty local, lives on Vancouver Island actually.  I’ve picked out a dress to wear but for obvious reasons unless I grow some kind of thermal skin, I’m going to become an icicle.

So, what do you wear with a dress that’s got no arms, or shoulders that’s not a winter coat but still is elegant and provides a teensy bit of warmth?

Fragile Heart 1

A shawl!  Yes folks, I am knitting a shawl!!!

That’s not all. This shawl is knit using laceweight yarn.  I don’t know when I knit something with laceweight last, but it is going very slowly!

And since I’m continuing with the impossible theme here, this shawl pattern has…



I have to say that I’m done with the stockinette section.  So, I’m sort of half way there. I’ve got the lace section, the lace border and the picot bind off left :: all done with beads, aaahhhh!  Yup, certified glutton for punishment!

Beads 2

The wedding is on December 14.  Can I pull off the impossible?

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A Hat For A Knitter

My mom has this really lovely friend, Jane.  She is always so well put together.  Imagine a taller, Audrey Hepburn, that’s Jane.  Although, she’s lived in Canada most of her adult life, she is still very British.  That accent… love it!!!  Her sense of humor is charmingly tongue-in-cheek too.  An exceptional woman!

New Rikke 5

Jane is a knitter.  I found this out when she saw my son’s modified Rikke hat that I knit him a while ago and she could just “read the pattern” by looking at it!!  She loved it, the texture, the yarn and the crown decreases and said that she’d like to knit one just like it.

New Rikke 1

So, I emailed her the link for the Rikke hat and gave her the details for the yarn and some possible substitutions.  I also pointed her to Ravelry… enabler that I am 😉

New Rikke 3

Jane hasn’t been able to knit very much lately, her hands have been too shaky to hold the needles still.  You see, Jane was recently diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease.

New Rikke 4

From one knitter to another, a handknit hat.

New Rikke 2

Rikke #2 ** (my Ravelry notes) 
Pattern: Rikke Hat by Sarah Young
Yarn: Mirasol Qina in “Purple Haze”
Needles: Size US 5 & 7 / 3.75 & 4.5 mm

** The hat is being modelled by my 6-year-old that’s why it looks extra, extra slouchy

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Leafy Mug Rugs

Outside our kitchen window is a star magnolia tree and it provides us with plenty to look at year round.  Delicate scented white flowers in the early spring, lush green foliage all summer and when the leaves turn in the fall, they are a beautiful orangey yellow.

Doozy 3

The leaves continue to fall and soon the branches will be bare.  These bare branches give us hours of winter entertainment watching our own backyard bird channel.  Right now, the ground is a carpet of gold under this tree!

At the neighborhood coffee hangout, chilled cups with straws and clinking ice are replaced with steaming mugs of various delicious concoctions.  My friend who is a coffee lover, put in a request for a set of mug rugs.  Her only requirement was that I incorporate some sort of leaf element into the design.  I had free reign with the rest.

Changing Seasons

Inspired by our magnolia tree, I picked out some coordinating fabric, some linen and was all set to begin.  I cut out a few leaf shapes and fused them onto the linen, then did some free motion sewing around each leaf to secure it.  The rest was just standard sew-baste-bind.

Leaf Rugs 4

Ever have a project that you have in your head and everything goes according to plan? I’ve never ever had that happen to me, and this time was no exception!  I was adding the binding to the last piece and realized that I didn’t have anymore of the red fabric left.  I was shy of just three inches, arrrgh!  I went back to the shop where I purchased this fabric and they didn’t have any in stock either, arrrrgh again!!  I was on  a deadline and so I didn’t have time to re-bind all of them using a different fabric.

Leaf Rugs 3

Plan B.  I decided to add an accent fabric to make the binding strip longer and so I added it to the top part of the last little mug rug which meant that I had to cut the red bit shorter.  There was no going back once I cut!

Leaf Rugs 2

I folded the binding over the raw edge of each mug rug and hand sewed it to the back. They looked great except that stripey bit!

Leaf Rugs 1

The finished mug rugs were handed over to my friend with me fumbling over the words to explain my binding dilemma. 

Leaf Rugs 5

She loved the set and said this was exactly what she wanted.  Guess which one is her favorite?  The one with the scrappy binding 🙂

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Knit City 2013

Vancouver’s annual fiber festival, Knit City, took place this past weekend.  It was bigger and better this year. Thank you Amanda & Fiona!  Two days filled with yarny fun and this time we even had the pleasure of listening to a lecture by the Yarn Harlot herself. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me and so all I have is this blurry instagramed picture of her standing behind the podium. And yes, she is that pint-sized IRL!

Ze Yarn Harlot! #yarnharlot #knitcity2013 #stephaniepearlmcphee

It was such a hoot, she had us roaring with laughter the entire time.  The vendors outdid themselves and I can say for certain that the yarnaholics of our city went home satisfied.

I was very restrained this year with my yarn purchases and also, I bought only one pattern. Self pat on the back I think!

Knit City Haul

From left to right…

Sweet Merino Lite from talented local yarnista, Sweet Fiber.  This colorway is called Teal and it reminds me so much of the Pacific Ocean in the summer.

Organically grown cotton and bamboo from the dyepots of my Knit Night buddy, Heidi, the genius behind Vegan Yarn.  The colorway is called Thrift Store.  Verrrah nice!

I couldn’t resist some madelinetosh and so it had to be Tosh Prairie in Spectrum with Japanese seed beads in Rainbow Cobalt to make a… wait for it…. shawl!

Gonna wind the yarn for the shawl after I’ve narrowed down my pattern choices on Ravelry. Yeah, who am I kidding, this could take a while!!!

Cant Get Enough 2

We’ve had a crazy phenomenon the past few weeks with much of the Pacific Northwest shrouded in a blanket of thick fog.

Fogtober 1

What made it crazy was the temperature inversion :: cold in the city where we’re at sea level and warm on the ski slopes where they are already set for ski season!  The fog lifted in time for Knit City but it was super cool and so eerie while it lasted.

Fogtober 2

Fall glorious fall

Cant Get Enough 1

Soon it will be time for woolly hats and Deck the halls.  Can you believe that 2013 is racing to the finish line? 56 days till Christmas, ahhh!!

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