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There And Back

We’re back home from our travels and are more or less or settled in.  With the start of a fresh new year; like most everyone; I’ve embraced the idea of a clean slate providing a launchpad for brand new ideas … Continue reading

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Summer Style

Hello lovely people! We’ve been back from our summer vacation in the Okanagan Valley for a few days now and things have eased back into the lazy, lovely summer-style schedule.  Perfect! Time away in the valley means many, many dips in … Continue reading

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I love a spontaneous plan.  We made last minute reservations to take the ferry across to the Sunshine Coast and boy was it a spectacular few days!  It’s a good thing we reserved because this is what was in store … Continue reading

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Remember I told you that during all of our travels this summer I visited only one yarn store?  It’s true! I just had to pop into Purl Soho while we were in New York 🙂  The staff are really friendly and welcoming. I did alright with … Continue reading

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New York, New York

5 days of amazing! It’s hard not to constantly look upwards… …and spot something very interesting! A city with so much history and well-loved by all. In fond remembrance. The view from above is just as breathtaking This city is … Continue reading

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Southern Charm

I hope that everyone is having a fantastic summer so far.  It seems like I fell off the grid for a while and it’s only now that I’m connecting back to my usual routine.  So, where have I been and … Continue reading

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Hi!  Hiyadoin’? I’m doing great, thanks for asking 🙂 We were just away at The Emerald City visiting family and while we were there, look at what we stuffed our faces with! If you’re ever in Seattle, you gotta eat at … Continue reading

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All Good Things…

… must come to an end. Time to say goodbye ~~ Thank you so much for visiting this space as I rambled on about our summer vacation.  The ride has been amazing!  Regular knitterly blogging will resume after a few … Continue reading

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I just can’t get that song out of my head! My favorite version of Summertime (and my mommy’s too) is sung by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.  I must have listened to this song over a thousand times growing up and … Continue reading

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On A Day Like Today

The perfect day … to go on a hike … to spot jumpers and cheer them on, “jump, jump, jump” … to indulge in some jumping of our own Oops, see this sign? Turns out we weren’t paying attention.  Yes, … Continue reading

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