Doodle Stitchery

My son, Prithvi, is a delightful, talented soul.  He is the quiet one in our family and has always been drawn to creating things with his hands.  I’ve saved pages and pages of his kiddie art which first began during his superhero fixation days… Batman, Superman, not forgetting good old Spidey!  His art has definitely matured over the years and I think he does some real good work now (even though I’m a biased Mama :))

Prithvi Art

A while ago, he doodled this drawing in my “list notebook” that I have sitting on my desk (my lists are long, don’t judge!).

Jar Doodle

I ripped out the page and was going to keep it safe when I thought that it would make a really nice stitchery.  I immediately knew what I wanted :: the stitchery had to be done using red embroidery floss on linen.

Jar Stitchery 1

Having no clue about how I could transfer the design onto fabric, I drew over his drawing using a Sharpie, taped both the drawing and fabric onto my bedroom window and “traced” the design using a sharp pencil.  Very technical, haha 😉

Jar Stitchery 2

The embroidered result was exactly what I envisioned it and seemed very fitting to make something that could be used in the kitchen.  I Pinterested “potholders” and the inspiration was… wow!  I made a coordinating mate without any stitchery but finished with lines of straight stitch quilting.

Jar Stitchery 5

They’ve been insulated using Insul-Bright for protection.  The edges are bound with bias tape the ends of which I twisted into loops for hanging before sewing shut.

Jar Stitchery 4

Such a satisfying and useful finish.

Jar Stitchery 3

They’ve gone to my friend and her hubby who recently bought a new home. She tells me that she has them hanging on her kitchen wall and they make her smile. I’ll take that as a success!

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7 Responses to Doodle Stitchery

  1. tara says:

    How very perfect! What a true treasure!

  2. Jocelyn says:

    That is just sweet. I am not surprised that your son has these talents. Both his parents are natural artists after all. Soon your little miss will be wowing the world with her own brand of talent. Miss you, my friend.

  3. Kelly says:

    Beautiful stitching! Prithvi is definitely on the artist track. I can’t imagine drawing that jar so perfectly as a “doodle!” Would love to see more of his drawings.

  4. Nicky says:

    What a talented young man!!!!

    And you did a fab job with stitching! 😀

  5. Alice says:

    Wow such talent he has !!! Love those pot holders , makes me want learn how to sew again 🙂

  6. Wow, that is beautiful, and what a great idea!! Love it, and thanks for sharing with us! 😉

  7. Angela says:

    Love them!

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