Slowly, Surely

Suddenly, it’s the last day of February! I don’t have much crafting progress for show-and-tell since I’m sort of stuck with the dreaded SSS (second sock syndrome).  However, I’m determined to be monogamous with this project and see it through to completion.  The socks I’m talking about is this pair of Business Casuals.

Biz Casual 2

If you’ve been reading this blog for sometime, you will notice that I’m not much of a sock knitter.  That being said, when Kelly announced that she was going to host a KAL for this pattern, I decided to sign up to join in on the fun.  I pulled out a skein of Dream In Color Smooshy (love that name!) that has been marinating in my stash bin for far too long and cast on.  I’m knitting this pair of socks for my firstborn, Prithvi, who has ginormous size 12 feet.  I figure that it’s the large-size knitting that’s been tripping me up and the fact that once I was done with numero uno, I have to do it all over again!

Biz Casual 3

That second sock will get finished though, because he’s asked me everyday without fail, if his socks are done.  No pressure, haha!!

Biz Casual 4

I also finished my table topper.

Candy Topper 1

Turned out super soft and crinkly when I washed and dried it.  I love handmade 🙂

Candy Topper 2

Now, all it needs is a vase full of tulips set on top.  Ah, Spring!

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3 Responses to Slowly, Surely

  1. Kelly says:

    Adore the colour of that sock!!! Keep going, you are halfway there. I still have a whole other pair to knit! Loving your quilting too. Please send Spring!

  2. Tanis says:

    Your sock looks fantastic! Size 12 feet, that’s serious commitment, just keep your head down and don’t stop clicking those needles!

  3. Jocelyn says:

    Gorgeous blue! You’ve only got two argyles more than me but yeah I know what you mean about SSS. I’m glad I got over that and managed to finish what I have on the needles. The smile on your son’s face when you hand him a pair of perfectly knitted socks will be enough to motivate you to finish them!

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