On the needles, some sunshine to delay the frost a bit longer….

But… the frost will be here soon and when it arrives, I will be warm…

Almost off the needles, Ravi with a missing sleeve.  Yarn shortage is the culprit and replenishments are en route…

Completely off the needles but not quite ready yet, a ruffly skirt (Ravelry link)…

What’s on or off your needles?

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6 Responses to Snail-Paced

  1. affiknity says:

    Oh wow, that is that yummy yarn in the first photo? And what are you making? Ravi looks gorgeous!

  2. Alice says:

    |Hi Preeti..I\m just finishing my Featherweight Cardigan, and trying to decide on starting Aidez (which I have the yarn) or Rocky Coast Caridgan (love your yarn choice) yarn I don’t have yet..decisions..decisions..hahaha

  3. Kelly says:

    ohhh lots of lovelies on the go! Can’t wait to see your finished Ravi!

  4. projectstash says:

    I could look at your photos all day long! ❤

  5. Oh Preeti – that yellow is SO pretty!

  6. Jocelyn says:

    You’re back! Yay! Sorry for the late reaction to this post.
    Everything looks awesome. Can’t wait to see Miss K in the skirt though. Must be uber-cute.

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