Monkey on my mind

Since I’ve discovered that I love sock knitting, I am pretty convinced that there will always be a pair (or two) on the needles.  Socks (and hats and toys and baby knitting) are the perfect projects to break things up when other larger, endless projects are on the go (…my February Lady Sweater!)

It’s taken me almost two months to complete my latest FO which is insane because it’s actually quite a quick pattern once you work out the flow on the lace rows.  Then again, there were other projects that had to be finished in between and so these socks had to be put on hold during that time.  But enough of all this blabber, here is my latest FO!

Monkeys Yeah

Ruby Red Monkeys

Pattern: Monkey Socks published in
Yarn: Fleece Artist Merino Sock Yarn in “Ruby Red”
Needles: Size US 1/2.5 mm
Started 3/18 – Finished 5/25

This pattern was my first Cookie A. and will most definitely not be my last.  Just like peanut butter choc chip cookies, mmm… just one won’t do!

In life news, craziness has overtaken our house what with our impending relocation and Prithvi’s final exams.  Tomorrow is Math, which he loves by the way, so we’re cool.  But the day after that is Arabic and that’s a whole other story.  I think that my grand scheme of trying to potty train Kiki during this time has to be shelved. 

I think that the most stressful thing of all is trying to figure out what we’d like to have shipped and what has to be tossed.  I always thought of myself as a non-hoarder prefering to get rid of things if I don’t use them or have lost love for them.  But apparently not!  I have boxes packed with drawings when Prithvi could barely write and a tin of all his baby teeth and tickets from when we went to see Chicago and Kiki’s ‘coming home’ outfit (NOT handmade by the way) and so much other stuff.  The drawings will stay, the outfit also stays, the tickets and most of the other stuff has been binned, the baby teeth…I’m still debating. 

This stuff is just from the one box I looked at today.  There are so many more and let’s not talk about the yarn…yeah, some craziness is definitely going on!!!


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11 Responses to Monkey on my mind

  1. Rain says:

    Oh woot woot, an FO! Love the socks, they look fabulous!

    And that’s a lovely pic of K 🙂 She looks so cute.
    Good luck with the packing!!

  2. bloreknitter says:

    Baby teeth? That is so cute. Keep it, I say, Prithvi will appreciate it when he grows up to be a big man. BTW, did he get a dollar for each tooth he lost? Do babies get anything when they start teething? I am almost there!

    You realize how much waste you have collected only when you relocate. You would think I have learnt my lesson ( 3 relocations in 4 years), guess again!

  3. bloreknitter says:

    I meant, for ‘every’ tooth!

  4. mazhalai says:

    drool drool over the color of the monkey socks. me wants pink socks now. such a cute pic of Kiki. hugs to her. Best wishes for P’s finals!

    • ramblingroses says:

      I love the soft pink of cherry blossoms and I’ve been enjoying watching all the lovely blooms via your blog! My socks are definitely not the lovely cherry blossom pink, but any Pink socks are fun:) thanks for the hugs and wishes – all passed on and all received with squeals!! Preeti

  5. mamie says:

    packing is always so tough. when we moved back from portland i was convinced we had ‘nothing’ to bring. i was so wrong. and that was pre kids. good luck to prithvi on his exams and good luck to you too.

    • ramblingroses says:

      Oh yeah, kids’ stuff….thinking about that is giving me a headache!!! But we’ll get through it eventually (we’d better) our worldly goods set sail at the end of June! Thanks for the wishes. Just 2 more days of exams and then FREEDOM *sung in George Michaely style!!!!* Hugs Preeti

  6. Pearlin says:

    Love the socks!! so pretty.
    packing and moving not fun, finding long forgotten stuff, totally fun! especially baby stuff :))
    Kiki looks adorable as always.Please give her a hug! All the best to Prithvi for his exams 🙂

  7. frillbow says:

    Beautiful socks and such absolutely stunning photography! I’ll definitely be back here!

  8. rima aranha says:

    Red socks! Red socks always rock!

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