Too quiet…that’s what this blog has been. It seems like I’m in sort of rut life-wise, daily-wise, health-wise.  Nothing crazy, I’ve just been feeling a little out of sorts lately and I think a trip to the doctor’s office is warranted.  Seeing that I’m not too crazy about seeing the doctor, let’s talk about knitting.

My first ever sock is done and I’m so pleased!!  This is for the UAE Knitters Sock KAL that has been ongoing.  The pattern I’m using is Dublin Bay Socks (free PDF pattern) with some Dream In Color Smooshy. 


The colorway is called Petal Shower.  It’s amazing how these yarn companies come up with fantastic names like this.  I think they must have a yarn namer conjuring up names all day like Lipstick Lava and Lunar Zazzle and Strange Harvest.  I wonder what he named his kids…Rainbow or Spectrum, perhaps? 

I have to admit that I get carried away by the name of the colorway when I shop for yarn online and there have been a couple not-so-happy moments when my order arrived.  Not so long ago, I ordered some Malabrigo Worsted to knit up the infamous February Lady Sweater.  The colorway was called Dusty and looked so pretty on my computer screen.  So I clicked away and into my cart went 5 skeins.  Doesn’t it look all shiny and pretty in the skein?


Trust not the monitor!!  I should have noted the fact that the name Dusty meant something. When knitted up, this yarn looks like it has bits of dirt smeared into it so when I wear this sweater it’s always going to look un-laundered.  Sigh!

Then there was Pansy-Go-Lightly another Smooshy colorway for some ‘happy socks’.  I think that these socks are going to turn out too happy.  Purples, lavenders, pinks – sounds pretty?  Not!  It looks like some kid went crayola crazy during this yarn painting session.  Sigh, sigh!!


Still I’m enjoying knitting with the Dream in Color yarn – it sure is smooshy and sock #1 feels lovely on my foot.  Also, I’ve swatched and cast on for my Dusty February Lady Sweater.  The color is what is making me neglect this project but the yarn is still just as gorgeous.  I think that once I get past the garter yoke and move onto the lace body, it’s going to be ‘funner’.

Back to the socks, I’m on the heel of my second sock and I hope to be done sometime soon if this ickky feeling passes and things don’t go south into flu-land. 

When I began this blog post I didn’t know what to talk about but it looks like I’ve rambled on.  Regular blogging will resume soon since Prithvi is back at school after two weeks of Spring Break.  Having him home was a treat for me as well as for Kiki although, it seems like his appetite has gotten enormous and there were many requests during the day for cake and cookies and sandwiches and even oatmeal!!!  It’s a good thing that his metabolism is way better than mine!  Now it’s back to school to finish off the last term of Grade 4.


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7 Responses to Quiet

  1. mazhalai says:

    yipee socks are done.. and drool drool over the dusty colored malabrigo. {hugs} to kidos they look so cute in the pic.

  2. Yasmin says:

    Wow ! Looks lkike you are doing great with the sock knitting. And the yarn looks amazing.
    I agree totally about the yarn names and colourways. They sound so good and dreamy most of the time.

  3. bloreknitter says:

    Wow, love the colors of the sock. The kids are so cute together. They dote on each other, don’t they? How on earth do you capture these picture perfect moments? 🙂

    Regarding the yarn disappointment, I check out the completed projects on Ravelry. Before I ordered some sock yarn from KnitPicks, though I liked most of the colorways, I looked at the projects to see how the yarn actually knits up and thank god I did, because the colorway I liked the most knitted up quite badly.

  4. Rain says:

    Ah the pretty pretty socks =)

    I’m sure you’ve already tried this, like bloreknitter said, hit Ravelry before you buy. Not always helpful since people photograph in so many different ways but it could work!

    Your kids have identical smiles! Really cute.
    Hope you get out of the rut and good luck for the doc visit. I know the rut feeling 😦 I’m in one myself.

  5. Nima says:

    socks looks beautiful , i love the colour too. your kids are too cute….good photograph

  6. mamie says:

    sending good energy and healing vibes if they are needed.

    the sock is beautiful, but the kids beat it out hands down.

  7. iaminchennai says:

    Why dont you try dyeing the yarn??? Check with your local yarn store if they have any dye.. else order some with your next yarn purchase. Its very easy to dye wool and there are lot of cold water dyes available. Its fun if you have not done it before. ofcourse dye the swatch first. or if kool aid is available… if you can dye far more simply.

    But the malabrigo yarn looks great on the screen.

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