My stash – I’m running out of hiding places for it!!!  Small projects that are quick have been on my needles as a means to get rid of stash and I don’t think that I’ve had this many active WIPs anytime. But I’m happy that there has been progress on each project which I hope are not going to hide at the bottom of my knitting basket <ahem..Printed Silk Cardi..ahem>!!!

First up, this scarf that I was working on eons ago?  Ripped…

Soon to become this

Then there was this project that was great fun to knit on and was meant for Kirtana to wear when she was still a wee infant.  Well, she grew up quick and that’s when I lost steam on that (seaming and icords left).  There were some leftover skeins of yarn from that project which I’ve used for a few quick projects

I’m usually not a dishcloth/washcloth knitter.  But I think that knitting quick projects with my cotton stash could be my way of “going green”.

A couple more projects can be classified stealth knitting meant as gifts and so blogging about them will have to be done later. 

Stashbusting, it’s a good thing!

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2 Responses to Stash…busted!!!

  1. Charmaine says:

    Hey Preeti, I’m not really a wash cloth knitter either, but I have a few knitted by friends, and my husband really loves to use them. Knit in some texture (maybe moss/seed stitch) and they become great exfoliators!

  2. knitnkanmani says:

    such nice

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