It’s been ages since I updated my blog and with good reason. I was too sick to think about typing anything coherent or uploading pictures. All this feeling sick is because…..insert drum roll here….there’s a bun in the oven!!!!

Yipee, we are expecting baby #2 and I am 15 weeks pregnant. I was pretty nauseous and exhausted during the first trimester, but things have been looking up (sort of) the past couple weeks and so I am hoping that this will continue. I have not done any baby knitting yet because we don’t know yet if this baby is a boy or a girl…needless to say, we can’t wait to find out.

pregnancy calendar

However, I have been doing some baby knitting for a friend who is expecting her baby boy in June. Here is a picture of seaming in progress. I blocked the pieces but that did not help because the edges are still curling. Could be because of all the stockinette. It was a fun, quick knit. I will make sure to post pictures once I finish seaming, attaching the collar and inserting the funky crochet cord ties at the neck.

I’ve also been working on a clapotis scarf using some wonderful Koiguuuuuuu that I bought from Three Bags Full in Vancouver. This yarn is so lovely to work with and I love the colors.
I am using the skinnier scarf version of the pattern and I hope that two skeins will give a decent sized scarf. I guess I just have to keep knitting until I run out of yarn:)

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