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Golden Circle

Mmmmalabrigo, Mmmmalabrigo!  That’s what I keep thinking over and over again when I’m knitting this squishy thing. Nope, this is not a sock on the needles :: I haven’t gotten back on the sock train (yet).  It’s another hat, a beanie this time.  The … Continue reading

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Resisting Ooh Shiny!

I don’t know about you, but the longer I have yarn languishing in my stash, the less likely I am to be excited to knit with it!  I recently found a pattern for a little girl’s sweater on Ravelry which I … Continue reading

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My dear friend, Jocelyn, dyed me some special fingering weight yarn last year.  Her Etsy Shop, Dubai Knits, is always stocked with fantastic yarns in such pretty colorways.  I’ve been saving that yarn for something special and when Cecily published her adorable … Continue reading

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Offset Wraplan

I needed a quick handknit gift for a friend’s baby.  Some Rowan Wool Cotton has been burning a hole in my stash for years and years.  I remember buying this when everyone was ga-ga over all things Rowan.  I mean, Rowan … Continue reading

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Thank you so much for all the Alouette love, I really appreciate everyone’s comments and will be working on writing up the pattern soon. A while ago, I was asked to test knit a shawl by Shweta of the Yarnside … Continue reading

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Eye Candy

Stash!  Every knitter has a bit of yarn or boat loads of it.  Some knitters cram this stash into the deepest recess of their closets while others prefer to proudly display their piles-o-yarn for inspiration or…decor!  My stash is what … Continue reading

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Even though we have all the other preceding months warning us of December’s arrival, suddenly, it’s here and the crazy Christmas knitting marathon begins. On a whim I decided this year that I would indulge in some Christmas knitting.  If … Continue reading

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The Accessories Edition

Instant gratification knitting has commenced thanks to the fast approaching holidays. Guaranteed to keep your noggin warm, this hat was a quick knit and was requested by my cousin.  It fits my 3-year-old’s dome (!!) but that was before blocking.  … Continue reading

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Rip and Reknit

Our guests have gone and I’ve pretty much caught up on all of the aftermath that follows when company leaves.  I’ve still got an overflowing inbox though with several emails from all of my readers.  I just wanted to say … Continue reading

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Sweater Streak

Wondering why I’m suddenly into sweater knitting? This is the reason ….. International Sweater-a-Month Dodecathon 12 adult sweaters in a year is a huge feat for me but I think that this group is just the ticket to get me stashbusting.  As … Continue reading

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