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 When I picked up Kiki from preschool on Monday she said in a small, exhausted voice, “Mama, my skin is melting!”  Sweet child of mine 🙂  With us west coasters waiting with bated breath for La Nina to leave and those groundhog … Continue reading

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Oh Pickles!

I’ve been knitting the Ranger sweater for my son, Prithvi, for a while now and despite some gauge checks that had to be done mid knitting and the fact that he seems to be growing faster than I can knit, I … Continue reading

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Mystery Revealed

The mystery sweater knit-a-long  that I have been a part of is done!  It looks quite adorable – poofy sleeves and all! Since this year’s spring is warmer than normal for most folks, the majority of knit-alongers decided to knit short … Continue reading

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It’s All A Mystery

Even though I haven’t been blogging all that much lately, I have been knitting and I’ve got three projects going.  One of them is a mystery knit-along ♥ This pattern is for a child’s sweater by the very talented, Elena … Continue reading

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The Fine Print

I’ve been knitting away on the sweater for my son whenever I get  a few moments.  For all you moms out there with young children, you know how those free minutes are few and far between, right?? Anyway, I sort … Continue reading

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Snow, Yeah!

 As promised, we got our winter wonderland 🙂 The cuteness!! Despite explaining to Prithvi that 2 cm of snow doesn’t count for the school distric calling it a “snow day”, he was up really, really early this morning watching the local news … Continue reading

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I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas

Not really, but that song is stuck in my head and I smile everytime I hear it 😀 So, Christmas came early for me since the UPS man showed up this morning with a rather large box.  No, he didn’t bring … Continue reading

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Mustard Cables

New threads for the Little Miss When I first saw this yarn, I fell in love with the color.  I knew immediately that I wanted to knit a cabled sweater with a bit of chic thrown in.  “Functional and fun” … Continue reading

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Change Over

Time to say goodbye to these cute little cherubs and drag out “Mr. Fakey” to get him all spruced up.  Because Tis The Season! The kids laid out our “snow village” this year and I have to say, they did … Continue reading

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Squishy Hat For A Boy

It has been a while since I knit anything for my son, Prithvi and when he mentioned this fact to me last week, I felt a humungoid pang of guilt!!  Determined to remedy this sad truth I cast on for a hat … Continue reading

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