Distraction Tactics

I’ve been working on what I thought was more than a few rows on my Vitamin D cardigan every night.  My routine at night is to knit while I go through my PVR list before bed (because who really has the time any more to watch shows at the actual time they’re aired and to suffer through all those commercial breaks?) Anyhow, this is prime knitting time for me and I should have been done with my cardigan with all the evenings I’ve dedicated to this project.

Miles To Go

Nope!  I still have miles to go 😦

So… I needed a pick me up…

Little Cotton Rabbit 1

Cue these little gems from Julie of Little Cotton Rabbits.  Gosh, are her bunnies the cutest ever!  I remember stalking one of her sales when my daughter was a newborn and I thought a little bunny would be the perfect softie for her.  I wasn’t speedy enough and the 25 or so bunnies that she listed for sale were whooshed in a matter of seconds!  So even though my youngest is well past the stage for softies, I wanted to knit my very own Little Cotton Rabbit.  The instructions for this pattern are very detailed and there are plenty of photographs to explain things along the way.  This one is truly aces.

The head is done, just need the face to be embroidered.  This bit is her tummy…

Little Cotton Rabbit 2

I’m working on the shoes now.  I love how this bunny is taking on its own personality and the yarn is completely from stash too 🙂

Little Cotton Rabbit 3

The high note for me and my Vitamin D is that at least those sleeves are done!

Sleeves Done

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5 Responses to Distraction Tactics

  1. Jocelyn says:

    What a happy sunshiny colour! Your Vitamin D will be beautiful when all done. But yes, one must always stop and make bunnies. Will be checking this out shortly.

  2. Ashiepoo22 says:

    What a great little distraction! Those bunnies are so cute.

    And I can’t wait to see your Vitamin D when it’s finished! What a lovely color that will be perfect for Fall.

  3. Alice says:

    Great progress on your Vitamin D …. I remember you mentioning these bunnies before… So cute !!!!

  4. Pearlin says:

    I love those bunnies too .to scared to try them tho . Can’t wait see this one done. What are you planning to name her?

  5. tara says:

    oh i can’t wait to see the little bunny! i’ve been hoping and hoping that little cotton rabbits would release those patterns — hooray, i can’t wait to get knitting on them too!

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