From Scratch

This is such a proud mama moment…

Farmhouse Doll Bed 8

This doll bed was made entirely by my 14-year-old son, Prithvi.  He’s been taking woodshop at school as one of his electives and absolutely loves it.  So, for his birthday this year we got him a couple power tools.  The first thing he built was a saw horse :: gotta have a work surface for all those woodworking projects right?  Next up was this…

Farmhouse Doll Bed 2

Kiki has been asking for a doll’s bed for ages and so big brother set about making one for her.  We discovered this amazing website of this amazing woman, Ana White.  She has all these plans up on her site and she makes working with wood look like so much fun.  We chose the plans for the Farmhouse Doll Bed for his project and went to Home Depot with our cut list.  A couple weekends later my boy finished this adorable bed!

Farmhouse Doll Bed 1

I love it and I’m really so proud of him!!  Well done, Prithvi 🙂

A doll’s bed needs a mattress right.  Off to the foam store I went and got them to cut a piece of 2-inch foam to the size I wanted.  I covered it with this stripey fabric and added buttons to create a puckered mattress look.  It still looks a bit square to me, I maybe should have just wadded up batting for the mattress filling instead.  Too late!  I also made this tiny pillow from the foam remnants.  The doll won’t mind that it isn’t downy soft.

Farmhouse Doll Bed 3

Remember I said last time, that I had a couple of quilted things that I finished?  This doll quilt is one of my finished projects.

Farmhouse Doll Bed 4

I love the little pre-cut candy squares by Moda.  This fabric line is called Boho by Urban Chicks and I assembled these itty bitty blocks using half-square-triangles and white fabric for the sashing.  No pattern, just winged it.  The borders, backing and binding are from stash (which has grown just as quickly as my yarn stash, gulp!  But we all know that fabric gets used up much quicker than yarn, exhale!)

Farmhouse Doll Bed 5

I quilted the top using straight lines, so much fun and attached the binding by machine to the front and sewed it down by hand to the back.  I loved making this little quilt but I love it even more on the little bed.

Farmhouse Doll Bed 6

I think I’ll have to make some sheets to go on top like a real bed and maybe another doll quilt.  For now, I’ll let Chrissa the doll enjoy her new quilt.

Farmhouse Doll Bed 7

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10 Responses to From Scratch

  1. Nicky says:

    I love, love, love the family effort. Just beautiful and so creative. Well done both of you!

  2. florapie says:

    Wow! I am very impressed!

  3. Kelly says:

    This is sooo cute! Well done Prithvi and well done mama on the beautiful quilt!
    So now the question is…. what’s his next project?

  4. Pearlin says:

    Wow amazing job Prithvi !! Preeti, the bed matress n quilt are just so adorable! I love you all joined hands to make Kiki this wonderful gift. I’m sure she is thrilled!!

  5. mrsfife says:

    That is so cute!!! And such a useful skill to have.

    I keep wishing I could learn some carpentry (oops, woodworking?) myself or that it was taught in school along with crochet and making those sponge dresses for dolls.

  6. Jocelyn says:

    There’s no doubt where he gets his talent and skills from. Amazing big brother! I bet Kiki is just so pleased with her doll bed. And you, don’t stop grinning. You raised a wonderful boy and you should be proud! And kudos on the awesome quilt too.

  7. Alice says:

    WOWZERS great work Prithvi !!!! That mattress cover is the cutest thing ever.

  8. affiknity says:

    That doll bed is perfect. And the quilt is so cute! That looks like one happy doll to me.

  9. tara says:

    So sweet! What an absolute treasure!

  10. Siga says:

    Wow! You should be so proud!

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