Southern Charm

I hope that everyone is having a fantastic summer so far.  It seems like I fell off the grid for a while and it’s only now that I’m connecting back to my usual routine.  So, where have I been and what have I been upto???

That’s right, vacationing!

Our summer vacation this year was 3 weeks of fun along the Eastern US.  We visited family, saw lots of amazing places, ate some incredible food and even attended a family wedding.  Definitely a wonderful 3 weeks!  Of course, we took, like, a million pictures and I thought I’d share “a few” of my faves on the blog.  Don’t worry, I won’t post everything all at once 😉

With all of the travel time you’d think that I got tons of knitting done.  I have to confess that despite packing many knitting projects, I knit a couple rounds on the flight back home!  I visited one, yes… ONE yarn store the entire trip.  More about that another time!

First up, we went to the South where Vineet’s sister and her husband live with their cute dog.

The Southern charm that is associated with this part of the country… all true!

It was hot and humid and in true Southern style we were downing gallons and gallons of sweet tea the whole time to stay cool and it really worked.

Hangin’ with the local ladies, lol 🙂

Even the architecture in the South is charming!

The perfect way to spend an afternoon… fishing.

We took a road trip to the Great Smoky Mountains and indulged in some theme park fun along the way.

After all of the stomach-churning, heart-stopping rides, it was time to relax and really enjoy the beauty of the Smokies in our very own cabin.  Well, it was ours for 3 days 😉

I could get used to waking up to this view!

We’re huge Guy Fieri fans, and his recommendation for food at The Beacon didn’t disappoint.  For a drive-in, the chow at this place was amazing!

Satisfied and happy, we got ready to travel northbound.  Next stop, NYC baby!

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4 Responses to Southern Charm

  1. Kelly says:

    I’ve been thinking about you! Glad you hear you had a good vacation. Did you eat some biscuits and gravy in the south?

  2. Jocelyn says:

    Glad to hav eyou bag on blog land. Lovely photos esp that one of the road with the treetops touching, love that one the most! Not much knitting done? Must remedy that now that you’re back home.

  3. alice says:

    Your back..yeah !!! Glad everyone enjoyed themselves…awesome fun pictures your took too.

  4. Sarah says:

    I recently found your blog. I loved it and quickly read all your back posts. Your joy in your family, your knitting and in the beauty around you just shines out of your words and pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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