You Did What?

I totally forgot to share this on the blog.  I’ve had a sewing machine for ages but it sat wrapped up in its packaging because I was terrified of sewing.  A couple months ago, I bought some curtains to spruce up our guest bedroom but they were too long for the windows and needed to be hemmed.  I could have bought the iron-on tape that automatically hems things up, but I decided to be brave and SEW those hems!  Hem those hems??  Still new to sewing lingo;)

I read the manual which made zero sense to me but I was determined to keep going. I’ve seen my mom and grandma sew a lot when I was growing up and so I knew that you had to string the thread over a maze of spots all over the top of the sewing machine.  Oiy!!  Luckily my sewing machine has these “spots” numbered and so with manual in hand, I followed the numbers and voila my thread was secured.

Now it was time to sew.  Not!  I tried to sew a straight line on some scrap fabric and nothing happened.  Just a line of holes on the fabric and a tangle of sewing thread.  Back to the manual I went and when that didn’t help I Googled it, something I should’ve done in the first place because there are videos and illustrations and tons and tons of help for newbies like me!!!!  Turns out I need to fill up a bobbin with thread and that’s what makes the stitches on top of your fabric interlock with the stitches on the bottom and you get a line of stitches not holes 😀

I got those curtains hemmed that day!  I even made a couple chair pad covers and then I decided to take this further and make a project bag for my knitting.

I begin to see that there is a potential for fabric stash joining my yarn stash!  Uh oh, this could be a problem!!

I used this tutorial and I have to say that she explains everything so clearly that not only was it easy to cut the pieces and put them together but it was fun too!

I made this, yee haw!

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8 Responses to You Did What?

  1. Swapna says:

    Your colour and pattern sense is once again amazing, and yes, I totally agree that fabric stash has even greater potential to take over your closet space than yarn stash.

    Also, for someone who didn’t realise she needed thread in the bobbin, that bag is beautifully sewn!

  2. Jocelyn says:

    Knowing how talented you are as a knitter, it comes as no surprise that you would be an ace with a sewing machine too. Still, that finished drawstring bag is stunning! Makes me want to jump in and buy a sewing machine too.

  3. affiknity says:

    Agree totally with Swapna. That bag is beautiful and such neat work too. Yay to another craft and hope to see more beauties coming off your needles/machine.

  4. amy says:

    Awesome bag! As one knitter to another, I have to warn you that fabric stashing is indeed quite pleasant and totally rationalize-able since it’s not “more yarn”. (However yarn stashing is still more fun to me.)

  5. evelyn says:

    Oh oh, is right! I’ve seen some sewing blogs with the most amazing fabrics … but then again, you did make that awesome bag so maybe your fabric stash won’t have a chance to grow if you keep up with your sewing. Yeah, right! ; )

  6. Alice says: did that and didn’t even know about the bobbin in the bottom. For me I had no problem with the sewing machine, but reading a pattern..well..that was another a whole other

  7. Pearlin J says:

    Don’t tell me you made that amazing bag and didnot know you had to thread bobbin first!!!!.Lady,You are soo talented!!

  8. Lina says:

    Ok, I’m jealous AND impressed. Is there nothing you can’t do???

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