A Postcard

Spring blossoms are so fleeting each year and right now the blooms are long gone.

Well almost….

A few of us signed up for a knitted postcard swap on the Amiras Group and this is the postcard I created for my partner.  I knit the background using different bits of yarn I had leftover from other projects and then embroidered the cherry blossoms and other flowers with french knots using embroidery floss.

I had to rely on YouTube to refresh my memory since I haven’t really embroidered anything since my Home Ec class in school!  It isn’t pictured here, I mounted the finished “postcard” onto card stock so that I could write a message to my partner.

It was a fun project trying to think out of the (knitting) box and my partner says she likes it 🙂  Score!!

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6 Responses to A Postcard

  1. Alice says:

    looks super cute Preeti ! love the embroidery work !

  2. Kelly says:

    This is so cute! Our blossoms are just starting to come out now. Every time I see a pretty tree I say, I want that one for our yard.

  3. Jocelyn says:

    Gah! Makes me want to re-do my postcard. Looks nothing like this. Lucky Michelle.

  4. projectstash says:

    What a treasure! This is a definite keeper.

  5. Bhavna says:

    Very creative! Looks lovely!

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