Oh Pickles!

I’ve been knitting the Ranger sweater for my son, Prithvi, for a while now and despite some gauge checks that had to be done mid knitting and the fact that he seems to be growing faster than I can knit, I was progressing at a steady clip on this project.  I joined the sleeves to the body of the sweater and kept making my way up the yoke decreases when I went to my bag of Malabrigo Rios to pick out my next skein to join and continue.  Nothing there!  I have run out of yarn, folks and I’ve got plenty more sweater to knit! Gah, gah, gah!!!!

I’ve got two skeins on order from Jimmy Beans Wool and I’m really, really, really hoping the dyelots are similar otherwise, he’s going to have a sweater with a big band across the yoke in a different color.  Oh, and different colored button bands too.  Buttonbands, I can live with but the band across the yoke… not happening!  I could overdye it if the colors are way off but seeing this is a navy blue, I’m not sure what color my overdye experiment will achieve.  I hoping not muddy brown!! What I’m really, really, really hoping for is that the dyelots match!

To cheer myself up, I cast on for Jocelyn’s first pattern, “Boatride“.  I’m so proud of her! More on that next time.

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6 Responses to Oh Pickles!

  1. celticcaston says:

    noooooooo!! Fingers crossed the rios you ordered will match. If it doesn’t and you dyed the whole sweater navy do you think it would even it out??

  2. affiknity says:

    What a bummer. Let’s hope the dyelots are the same.

  3. florapie says:

    There’s hope! I ran out of Mal Worsted in Cactus Flower partway through a project. The skein I got from a Raveler was so close I didn’t even have to alternate to blend them. So fingers crossed for you! Worst case scenario: you rip back a bit and alternate skeins to work the new one in and make the line less noticeable.

  4. projectstash says:

    It’ll be fine … it’ll be fine….

  5. Pearlin says:

    hate when that happens.Hoping and keeping fingers and toes crossed for you

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