A wonderful way to celebrate Wovember with a wooly sweater… my Grandpa Sweater Aidez is completed and is the coziest thing ever!!  I adore everything about it.  What an enjoyable knit!

Considering that this is a longer sweater and is knit using bulky yarn, it is actually quite light and the wool softened considerably after being treated to a warm bath with some wool wash.  This design has different cables to keep the knitting interesting and after a long, long time, I knitted a pattern that isn’t seamless.

Being knit in pieces and then sewn together is key to this yarn/cable combination.  The seams provide structure and reinforcement and I think they will increase the life of this sweater considerably.  I don’t mind seaming all that much which helps!  I think I used about a skein and a half of Cascade Eco + for this sweater and given the price of this yarn, I got a wonderful cabley sweater for less than 30 bucks!!

There was one (huge) oversight on my part.  I read the chart wrong for the seeded wishbone cables on the fronts and the sleeves and somehow converted them to “ribbed” wishbone cables.  I realized this error when I was knitting the last sleeve and wasn’t going to rip everything back to correct it.  It works with the design though and doesn’t seem out of place, so I’m okay with that!

I’ve been craving a cable fix for a while now and Aidez helped me indulge quite excellently!!

Aidez (Ravelry project page)
Pattern: Aidez by Cirilia Rose
Yarn: Cascade Eco + in “Grey 8401”
Needles: Size US 10.5 / 6.5 mm

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8 Responses to Aidez

  1. Kelly says:

    Looking good mama and only one and a half skeins, bargoooon!
    The colour is perfect! My yarn arrived, now if I can just get these two sweaters off the needles I can get started.

  2. Jocelyn says:

    You’re my hero!
    Gorgeous sweater, even more gorgeous momma!

  3. Beautiful – both the sweater and you 🙂

  4. affiknity says:

    Wow, you look gorgeous in that cardigan. It’s beautiful. Love your color choice.

  5. Kasia says:

    It’s such a lovely pattern, isn’t it? Just perfect for the season. I love your Aidez: the “ribbed” wishbone cables make it one of a kind, it looks great!

  6. I love love love this cardigan – and you look just beautiful!! Well done you!! xx

  7. clairesoleil says:

    I love this long cardi… and your pictures of fall… It’s such a beautiful season…

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