Warm Wooly Sweater

Do you have a favorite sweater that you always reach for when you’re cold, or when you want to curl up with a book (or your knitting), or wrap around yourself when you’re just lounging around the house?  I have one of those sweaters that I bought ages ago, I can’t even remember from where.  I call it my Grandpa Sweater.  It’s ridden with holes from many a battle with the washer and I even have a spot near the wrist where it’s pretty much a goner after an episode involving burning coals, chicken wings and the grill.  Let’s just say I was glad that the casualty was the sweater and not my eyebrows!!  I have to just throw this sweater in the trash, but I keep hanging on to it because it is the coziest thing I own!

I need a new Grandpa Sweater which is why I cast on for Aidez.  Aidez is a free pattern published by Berroco and has cables and texture and general wooliness.  While my preferred meathod would be to knit this pattern top-down-in-the-round, this sweater is knit in pieces and then seamed… with very good reason.  The yarn the pattern calls for is a bulky yarn and the seams will add structure to this heavier garment.  Also, I don’t really mind seaming… there, I’ve confessed!

I’m using Cascade Eco + which is as wooly as all get out, but this yarn has nil softness.  It will be so cozy though, I can already tell.

I’ve finished the back and the fronts.  Now it’s onto Sleeve Island, wish me luck.  I don’t want to be done too quickly either because Kelly and I had thought about KAL’ing on this one and her yarn hasn’t arrived yet.  However, Ms. K is Lightning McQueen when it comes to knitting and she will catch up in no time 🙂

What is on your warm woolies knitting list this year?

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4 Responses to Warm Wooly Sweater

  1. Kelly says:

    lightning mcqueen huh lol I wish I had another pair of hands!
    Your Aidez looks beautiful I hope it softens up in the wash!

  2. Jocelyn says:

    Look at you sneakily knitting this cardigan! Love the swatch – I want to learn how to seam properly so that garments knitted in pieces won’t scare me.

    I suppose this kind of wool is perfect for Canadian winters, but yes, as Kelly, er I mean Lightning McQueen says, I hope it softens up in the wash.

  3. mazhalai says:

    ah yes. i need to go find my grandpa sweater. it dropped 20 degrees here.
    cant wait to see Aidez. love the color you chose too.

  4. Alice says:

    Some sweaters do become favourites..but your Aidez is looking so pretty..especially in that colour, I’m sure you’ll get lots of wear !

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