ince I’ve been stuck on Sleeve Island for a while now, my knitting needles have been eagerly waiting to cast on for something new and exciting.  I went delving into my yarn stash and spied some lovelies begging to be made into wearable items.  This was when I began a Swatchathon.

Like most knitters, I’m not a huge fan of the gauge swatch.  However, I religiously complete this small yet extremely tedious task before knitting a pattern (especially an adult-sized garment).  Apparently, swatching is the new black!

Swatch numbers almost never lie.  If you’re in doubt, swatch again.  Trust me, I’ve learned this the hard way!

So here’s a list of things NOT to do when you’re dealing with the whole gauge swatch business:

* Measure while your knitting is still on the needles.  Been there, done that… er, the finished object that came out of that mistake was nothing like the designer intended!
* Stretch out your square and tug at those last couple stitches to make them fit the 4 inch mark.  You mean you never do that, am I the only one?
* Knit a swatch that’s smaller than 4 inches square.  Guilty…

* Measure and realize that your gauge is just a bit off (like 3 stitches off!) stick your fingers in your ears and go la-la-la.  Continue to cast on with the wrong needles!
* Look at the words row gauge and think, “Row Gauge, Shmo Gmauge” and wonder why that’s even a necessary number to take into consideration.  Apparently it’s very necessary, ask me how I know that!!
* “Forget” to wash and block your swatch the same way you would wash and block your completed knitting.  Let’s face it, you just want to get to the fun part – casting on!!!
* Figure you’re a tight/loose knitter and go up/down a needle size (or 2) than what the pattern recommends and avoid swatching altogether.

Things TO DO when you’re dealing with the whole gauge swatch business:

**** Embrace the gauge swatch.  Your knitting will thank you for it!! ****

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9 Responses to Swatchathon

  1. Lete says:

    Guilty Your Honour 🙂
    I almost never knit a gauge swatch 😉

  2. Bobbie in AK says:


    Relatively new to your blog. I hate to swatch, but am doing so more and more. Your swatches are perfect. Next time I swatch I will remember to add a garter border on all sides. Yours look so much neater. Thanks for the do’s and don’t’s.

  3. Pearlin J says:

    these are sooo useful hints I will keep in mind.I’ve wanted to knit garments for sometime now. tfs

  4. fridica says:

    I’m guilty of most of the charges. : )
    Your swatches look so lovely though, I should really make them properly some time!

  5. lucette says:

    I just finished the world’s biggest swatch–half a sweater. I learnt a big lesson.
    great post. so what will you be making?

  6. Kelly says:

    yessss but what are you making?????!!

  7. knitnkanmani says:

    hehehe PPP guilty of every single not to do ,and never do guage for 4 inches ,lovely post ppp

  8. Monique says:

    So very true…all of it!

  9. kavisagi says:

    It was nice of you to put all those points together. 😀 Any knitter is guilty of at least one of them..

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