Thank you so much for all the Alouette love, I really appreciate everyone’s comments and will be working on writing up the pattern soon.

A while ago, I was asked to test knit a shawl by Shweta of the Yarnside blog.  I hadn’t knit a shawl in ages at that point, but I’m a sucker for lace knitting and  delightedly jumped at the offer.  I knew that I wanted to use my leftover Sundara Sock Yarn from this project for this shawl that Shweta named Jaali

Jaali is a quick knit with many options to customize – love that in a pattern!  Due to yarn limitations, I decided that the triangular version of this shawl would be the best way to go for me. 

The mesh lace center is beautifully offset by the border repeats and the shawl is finished off with a nice edge with what most of us shawl knitters have come to know and love, the points! 

Unfortunately, the “points” along the edge of my shawl disappeared even after I redid the cast off.  The other test knitters didn’t seem to have this particular problem and so it must have been something that I was doing wrong:)

The pattern for Jaali can be found here.

Jaali (ravelry link)
Pattern: Jaali by Shweta Shankar Khatri
Yarn: Sundara Sock in “Cobalt Over Mediterranean”
Needles: Size US 10/6 mm

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6 Responses to Jaali

  1. Kelly says:

    Very pretty in that beautiful blue!!

  2. asha says:

    i can almost feel the softness of the yarn its that beautiful , and the model is equally stunning ppp:)

  3. affiknity says:

    What a rich blue color. Love the pattern.

  4. clairesoleil says:

    oh this blue shale is the lovely… I love the pattern…

  5. Jocelyn says:

    You and your stealth projects! How many more are lurking under cupboards huh? Beautiful mesh…beautiful yarn….now, where’s that finished Metro?

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