Off To Market

Over the weekend, we visited the Vancouver Christmas Market to enjoy some holiday festivities but mostly to indulge in German yumminess and spiced mulled wine, mmm! 

The Ice King and Queen and The Nutcracker were some of the stars

But look at all those knitted hats (probably machine-knit, but still!) 

Nothing like a hat to keep you warm on a cold evening

…and of course, hot apple cider helps too!

especially if you sip it through a stick of cinnamon 

There was more knitting, this time as store decor.  Knitted olives…how adorable!

My Christmas knitting is almost done, yeehaw!  I had to shelve a couple of planned projects because my index finger was beginning to feel a bit sore.  I have an annoying habit of pushing the needle tip on that finger every time I knit a stitch.  Ouch!  Although I have enjoyed knitting all these gifts for the ones I love, I am ready to get back to sweater knitting.  The weather outside is frightful… perfect to curl up with a warm wool sweater on the needles!

I hope everyone is staying warm and happy this holiday season.

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8 Responses to Off To Market

  1. mazhalai says:

    sending warm wishes to you and yours too 🙂
    cant wait to see your Christmas knitting

  2. Kelly says:

    ohhh you do have some lovely places on that side of the country.
    I can’t believe you have the “hole in the index finger syndrome too! I’ve tried knitting without pushing the stitch but it just doesn’t flow! Heal little finger heal!

  3. BloreKnitter says:

    I too tend to hurt my index finger when I knit. The fact that I am a tight knitter just adds to the misery. Done with the holiday knitting? When do we get to see pictures or are they going to be surprises?

  4. Jocelyn says:

    The closest thing we get to this market is the annual Madinat Jumeirah Festival Souk. With fake snow. Lucky you.

    I used to have an open wound on the tip of my right index finger because I was not knitting properly before. I’d wrap it up in Band-Aid and keep going. But ouchie! Take care of those fingers – without them you cannot possibly knit any of your yummy yarns.

    Then you’d have to let me adopt them all! Mwahahahaha!

    I’m off to see the Amiras in AUH tomorrow.

  5. Rene' Sharp says:

    What gorgeous Christmas photos!! This is something I wish I could experience, but living in a tiny town in South Africa, there is not much chance of that!

  6. piccinoluna says:

    Looks luke a really fun evening! I just love christmas and the holiday atmosphere : )

  7. frillbow says:

    Vancouver looks like an amazing place to be at Christmas! I have never seen apple cider over here and feel quite cheated!

  8. Lee says:

    Hi there
    Just found your blog via Jocelyn’s site and had to say-
    1.) How much I adore your photos!
    and 2.) How much I adore your city!! I visited with my mom in June and we had an amazing time there. I envy you 😀

    Great job!


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