The WIP, It Grows

I’m in complete sweater knitting mode right now.  This maybe the reason, no?

Being the (mostly) monogamous knitter that I am has helped with the latest project on my needles.  Emelie is growing at a steady pace and it won’t be long before I separate for the fronts and back.  The construction of this cardi is almost like Audrey.  While there are similarities in the two designs, they are quite different and so the knitting has been very enjoyable.  Add to that the joy of knitting with Bugga!  Oh yeah, I’ve told you all about that.

I was aiming to get this cardigan knit in October, but um…reality check…not going to happen. 

I am terribly behind on my IntSweMoDo2010 goals.  The journey and process has been nothing but positive and I’m glad that I joined this group.  I may not repeat this Sweater Dodecathon in 2011, but I plan to continue knitting useable garments and accessories.  What better satisfaction than a closet full of warm and comfy handknits!!

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3 Responses to The WIP, It Grows

  1. Kelly says:

    ohhh it’s looking good! I wish I was good at monogamous knitting as I’m trying to finish up all the stragglers in my basket that I started and didn’t finish now. Maybe in 2011…

  2. knitnkanmani says:

    hey pp the yarn color n tree they match ,its so beautiful 🙂 Is this near ur home ?
    this bugga yarn looks so luxurious and drapey.
    Even the color is so delicate n feminine looking:)

  3. Maya says:

    I love the colour you’ve chosen to knit Emelie in! I really like the pattern, just adorable : )

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