And Then

This is the last of the vacation series, for reals!!!

One of the main draws of our Island trip was to hang out with my cousins and we spent a lovely day giggling and reminiscing and swapping news about all of the family drama gossip stories.

Even though I don’t have any siblings of my own, I am fortunate to be a part of a large extended family and so there is always something happening to keep things interesting!  And given that these gals are in their early 20’s, their life is way more interesting than mine:)

So, back to the touristy bits…  Another must on my list of have-to-see’s was a stop at Cathedral Grove.  Walking amidst these ancient giant Douglas fir trees was crazy awesome!

Mighty and strong, strong and mighty…

Tree climbing….

….can be tiring

and calls for a cold, cold drink

And etc, etc…

A bit of “country” retail therapy

Vacation :: all done:)

PS: Yes, that was my Paper Dolls in the wild.  My next post will have more details on that, I promise!

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4 Responses to And Then

  1. Kelly says:

    oohhh I thought you were going to make us wait another post before showing us your Paper Dolls. Beautiful Beautiful! I love the picture of Kiki climbing the tree hehehe I bet those trees were amazing!!
    Great shots by Mr. Photographer 🙂 Love the mural shots we have murals like those in the town closest to us.

  2. Pearlin J says:

    I am going sound like a broken record… are Beautiful! How fun to hang out with the extended family!!I can hardly wait for Dec when I get to meet my cousins. Paper dolls look gorgeous on you. Beautiful colour!

  3. knitnkanmani says:

    i see 3 girls in their early 20s in which I see one particulalry pretty girl .That sweater is so nice the colors are awesome and the pattern so posh ,I hope you post more close-ups .I love that doll of urs the one ur holding in ur hand .The use of colors in the snaps is beautiful .U shd post abt the camera ur using .

  4. Bhavna says:

    The picture of Kirtana and you is gorgeous. The reflected light is awesome.

    All other pics are beautiful too.

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