Rip and Reknit

Our guests have gone and I’ve pretty much caught up on all of the aftermath that follows when company leaves.  I’ve still got an overflowing inbox though with several emails from all of my readers.  I just wanted to say that I am not ignoring you lovely folk and I will respond to everyone soon:)  Thanks for visiting my blog and being such a supportive bunch about my obssession hobby.

I’m at the point on my Geodesic Cardigan where the pattern asks you to block the body of the sweater and work the sleeve caps separately before joining the whole shebang together to finish.  While I wait for this to dry; which won’t be long given that the yarn is laceweight and the days are filled with endless sunshine*; I decided that I have to have another project on the needles pronto!  I wanted a Summer Tee using a bright cotton blend yarn and this pattern seemed perfect.

Remember this top that I was working on ages ago?  Well, I lost all love for this project somehow – maybe it was the mini cables that seemed to pull at the fabric or just the construction of this garment.  I just didn’t feel like picking it up and continuing.  So, I frogged.

That’s the best part about knitting, you can change your mind and when you rip, you’re ready to begin again!!

The Rusted Root Top calls for the same yarn that I was knitting my Cherry Popsicle with and so I swatched and cast on.  Top-down construction, big needles, big yarn and mostly stockinette – this project should proceed at a good clip.

After weeks of knitting with Malabrigo Lace, the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece feels like twine and I seem to keep messing up the tension.  I noticed that the same thing happened when I knit the gauge swatch.  However, the swatch softened up quite a bit after washing and the wonky stitches worked themselves out so hopefully the top should turn out fine.  Anyone have problems with their knitting acting strange when switching between different yarn weights?

There are a few pesky details in this top that are bothering me which I am going to modify.  Fingers crossed that I don’t end up with a tent or a straightjacket!

Have a great Tuesday!

Oh, and….I pinched these pictures off Vineet’s computer….

* I hope I don’t jinx things with my sunshine comment.  The weather in our neck of the woods can be soooo unpredictable

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3 Responses to Rip and Reknit

  1. Kelly says:

    Hope Rusted root works out better for you, great colour!

  2. knitnkanmani says:

    ohhhhh sweet baby doll :)u shd post more of her snaps
    hey preethi ,I like all the designs u choose and the white yarn , get me a spoon I am ready to eat ..looks yummo

  3. Pearlin J says:

    Preeti, your pictures are so making me drool that I forgot to read your post ! 😀
    Specially that rose picture is SO Beautiful!
    Don’t tell me, Kiki has grown up so much!! Adorable picture. Hugs to the little miss!

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