Vancouver Valentine

This Valentines Day, we scrapped the usual candlelight dinner for something different. 

I’m not talking about flowers and candy either, although, both of those made their appearance and made the day that much sweeter:)  This Valentines Day, we headed downtown to join in the festivities surrounding the Winter Olympics

Since driving all the way downtown would have been a nightmare especially with so many road closures, we opted to take the Skytrain instead – which is always a treat for the kids. 

We took a ton of pictures, most of which were blurry…. except those featured here.  However, if you couldn’t care less about all of this olympic mayhem and are looking for knitting content, you can skip all the way to the bottom to see my Ravelympics2010 progress.

If you live in Canada, it’s a given that hockey will show up in your life everyday.  So, it wasn’t a surprise that there was a giant hockey stick showcasing true Canadian spirit complete with maple leaf!

At the end of the opening ceremony which was held in BC Place, a huge cauldron was lit signifying the opening of these winter games.  But that wasn’t all, hockey legend, Wayne Gretzky made his way through streets of screaming crowds to light the external cauldron by the waterfront.  This is going to be a permanent fixture for all to see.  Unfortunately, it’s been fenced off during the games and in my opinion, wisely so. 

Ha look, another Gretzky fan….

The olympic rings on the Burrard Inlet, now in solid red – previously lit with the usual colors of this timeless symbol – looked really pretty sitting over on the water.

With the streets being completely pedestrian friendly during the duration of the games, it was great not having to worry about swerving cars or traffic lights.  We saw plenty of kids on their bikes waving flags… and some other kids who can’t ride bikes yet also waving flags…

What a fantastic night!

Ravelympics2010… the blobby thing below is the progress on my Traveling Woman shawl this far.

Go for the GOLD!!

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6 Responses to Vancouver Valentine

  1. Anjali says:

    Is that Prithvi? Is he a big boy or what? Kiki looks as cute as ever. I have to confess I didn’t know hockey was so popular in Canada. All the best for Ravelympics. As you said, go for the gold!

  2. Jocelyn says:

    Thanks, Preeti. made me feel like I was right there with you as you walked around the city.

    And your shawl is looking good. Not long to go till you earn your first gold eh?

  3. mazhalai says:

    lovely post! and cant wait to see your Olympic shawl!

  4. mamie says:

    awesome valentine’s. they will probably never forget it. i remember when the olympics were in los angeles and a few events were held at the university where my father worked. he took us one day and it was such an electric feeling. and then, when the games ended, he brought home the bunk beds from the olympic dorms and for years we told people that we slept where olympians slept. it was the coolest thing. (but i have to confess, i embellished quite a bit as a kid and told people i had mary lou retton’s bed.) 🙂

  5. Rain says:

    Eeeeeee lot’s of FUN!!! I’m glad you had a great day and thanks for those pics around town.

    Love your shawl progress too 😉

  6. kerry says:

    Thanks for the pics! I haven’t been down yet, as I’ve had the flu for over a week — what timing!
    Hopefully we’ll go down on Tuesday — likely take the train. Your travelling woman is coming along nicely! Is that the ruby yarn?

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