This and That

I’m resisting casting on for another project with my delicious Tart with the Olympics just round the corner. 

(don’t these babies look so yum)

I don’t want to tackle something as large as a sweater right now.  Also, anything that I’ve swatched for lately doesn’t seem right.  Somehow my stitches are loose, and I mean REALLY loose.  To get gauge, I would need to go down 3 or 4 needle sizes and so I wait…until I get my swatch mojo back.  There IS a swatch mojo, right? 

This floppy knit and purl has got to be from the lace knitting that I have on my needles.  Yes, I’m back with the lace and my drug of choice this time has been this beauty

To even things out, I’ve got another very interesting knit on the needles.  A second shawl and this time by the very talented Lily Kate.  I think she’s only 12 (or maybe 13) years old!!!!!  I’ve found the perfect pattern for my funky Fleece Artist yarn.

There have been plenty of other goings-on in these parts but somehow I only seem to talk about knitting.  We still get out every weekend if it’s not too wet and I have to say that over the past couple months it has rained only two Saturdays, la dee dah!  Our most recent traipsing around was over here.  Will share more next time.

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8 Responses to This and That

  1. Rain says:

    Wow, that ruby yarn is just delish, don’t you wanna make jam tarts to go with it while you knit? You know you want to.

    Lily Kate is only 12!! So amazing.

    Love the scenery hun, miss you 😦

  2. kelly says:

    ohhh I saw that tosh on etsy the other day, i’ve been holding out for a jade green.
    Love the look of clothilde will have to keep that one in mind.

  3. bloreknitter says:

    I wish I could access Ravelry from office. I am so eager to see the pattern that you have chosen for the funky yarn.

  4. Jocelyn says:

    Tart……….yummy! It does look awesome in the DK.
    Wow that Lily is amazing huh?

  5. mazhalai says:

    dint know she is only 12! cant wait to see FOs

  6. kerry says:

    The Clothilde looks amazing! I really love that pattern and the yarn you’ve chosen is gorgeous!

  7. Pearlin says:

    omy! I am drooling looking at all your wips!and the scenery is gorgeous!

  8. frillbow says:

    Now how did you get such a gorgeous shot of the red yarn? I totally detest photographing this colour as it never looks anything like it’s supposed to!

    Looking forward to seeing your Olympic projects – I’ve not decided whether or not to take part yet. Schools will be out for a break so I do have a week off work but not sure if I’ll commit – Lily is though! She’s 12 btw. 🙂

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