In Training

Every skein of yarn in my stash bin has a story.  I can pick out the ones that were bought for a specific purpose and then I have those impulse skeins that just seem to hop on over into the shopping cart, virtual or otherwise.  You know the feeling :: you have the Visa out and you just pick that extra skein because, it’s on sale, or it’s a colorway that always sells out, or because it looks lonely sitting out there on the shelf, or simply because your cart looks kinda empty.  I’m guilty of doing all the above and then some!

But for my projects that I wanted to knit for the Ravelympics, I went to my lovely LYS and picked out yarns that I had coveted for a long, long time.  I knew I wanted sock yarn (but not to knit socks) and that they could be any colorway other than green.  I’ve knit too many green projects lately (remember my pink phase?) and so it was time to veer off that path.  I picked out Handmaiden Casbah Sock in a lovely blend of reds called Ruby and another called Salt Spray which reminded me so much of the winter sky and sea that seem to blend together when you take the ferry across from Vancouver to Victoria – soft shades of blue. 

No yarn trawl is complete without an impulse skein and this time was no different.  A skein of Fleece Artist Merino in only what I can call a most unlikely blend of colors was the culprit.  It’s called Labrador and sadly, it looked waaaay more interesting in the skein than it looks wound up.

Ravelympic athletes just like the Olympic athletes are in training right now.  Our (crafting) version of training is to do with picking out patterns, signing up for teams and swatching.  I am so glad that I swatched and did a bit of browsing on the Ravelry boards about the patterns I wanted to knit.  I was going to go with the Sagano and Citron shawls.  Swatching wasn’t the funnest for both and so they’ve been shelved for another day.  I’m still trawling the world wide web for replacements and I think that I’ve narrowed my choices down to a few.

Glad that I got the “training” out of the way because our house has been invaded again by the sickies.  The 10-year-old has the stomach flu and the 2-year-old and yours truly have the regular flu.  Nothing fun, but we’re on the mend thanks to meds and massive amounts of chicken soup – always good for the soul.

But first, I want to finish my current project which is the Textured Yoke Cardigan before the Games begin and I think that I just might because I’ve joined the sleeves to the body and begun knitting the yoke.  Hopefully, I will have an FO to show soon, but first, I have to pick out the perfect buttons.

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9 Responses to In Training

  1. desiknitter says:

    I have to say, I stopped reading your blog a while ago. Reading the text, that is. I am so mesmerised by the photographs that it’s hard to notice anything else anymore!
    The second picture is absolutely stunning. Good luck for the Ravelympics!

  2. Pearlin says:

    You are lucky to be able to go out and pick up yummy yarns like that! 🙂

  3. kerry says:

    Last night I decided that I couldn’t wait for the Olympics to start, because I was dying to cast on for my Ishbel with the Casbah sock yarn that I bought (likely at the same store as you)! I’m finished the s/s portion, going into the lace! Now I’ll have to pick another Ravelympic project 🙂
    I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with any of the shawl patterns that you chose — they’re all fabulous! Can’t wait to see your cardigan finished!

  4. Jocelyn says:

    Every yarn has a story? What story? Heck, I just buy yarn. Full stop. 🙂

    I know what you mean, however knitters being ever so fickle, most of the yarn I bought for specific projects turned out to be knit up as something else entirely. I just bought another big IKEA bin on castors. Yes, castors so that should tell you how much yarn is in those two bins. Yes, two bins. Plus not counting the ziplock bags of yarn shoved into the corners and nooks of our wardrobe which Bernie knows nothing about. He will be so pissed when he finds them.

    But I digress. Your Fleece Artist is a beautiful blend of brown and blue. Just reminded me of Liz Abinante’s Objects in Space scarf (check out her latest blog post). Of course hers is aran weight but I thought maybe that might inspire you.

    So still not decided on the shawl pattern huh? I’m partial to Damson and Traveling Woman.

    Take care and IO hope you and kids get well soon. The games are about to start. 🙂

  5. Mamie says:

    I love your take on yarn shopping. Cannot wait to see what event you choose to participate in. And as always, the photos are stunning. You should work for yarn companies, you make the product look gorgeous

  6. Anjali says:

    I love Labrador. That is such an interesting combination of colors. I look forward to what you do with it. Do you have something in mind?

    Hope you and the kids get better soon.

  7. Rain says:

    Some of your precious yarn is living very happily with me 😀 😀

    I love the Labrador colorway! It’s so mysterious looking but of course I love the others too 🙂
    Good luck with the rest of the WIPs hun.

    Lots of hugs to the kids, tell them to get well soon!!

  8. mazhalai says:

    i was going to say just drool and then comment #1 stopped me… instead i will just say ditto 🙂

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