Vibrant Earth

I never meant to blog so sporadically but this month has been filled with bursts of activity followed by periods of sheer exhaustion.  It’s nothing really different from every other month of the year but just seems like I have a bit less energy and I can’t seem to figure out why.

Pitt Meadows2

While I’ve been keeping up with the sock knitting this month, Prithvi’s school has a project called Fall Foto Frenzy where students and their families are encouraged to take pictures and share what this season means to them. 

Stanley Park2

At the end of the month each student will have a chance to display what their family discovered together and talk about their Fall memories.  I think that this is a great project to help the kids learn and discover all they can about this planet with its perfect life supporting tilt away from the sun.  What better season than now before all the leaves are shed and the silent beauty of yet another change comes to be.

Pitt Meadows 

Since this is a family project, we’ve used every opportunity to haul the camera out for picture-taking.  Prithvi is done with his collage and I marvelled at all the work he’s done and the sweet touches he’s added to his piece.  Without much parental prodding, his memories have been preserved and he’s learned so much along the way.  It’s wrapped and ready to be taken to school tomorrow, but I’m sure that when he gets it back it will hang on his wall for a long time to come just to remember this vibrant earth.

Pitt Medows3


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9 Responses to Vibrant Earth

  1. Amrita says:

    Awesome pics! So beautiful – wish we could experience Fall here – all that gorgeous burst of color! I’m sure Prithvi’s collage would be the best out of all the others.

  2. Pearlin says:

    Gorgeous pictures! please do show us Prithvi’s collage here.Would love to see it.

  3. kerry says:

    I, too, have been so enjoying our local Fall colour and have many pictures to show for it! We live in the most beautiful area of Canada!

  4. mazhalai says:

    beautiful. thank you for fall photos. we miss fall here in TX

  5. Yasmin says:

    Lovely pictures. I wish we could see the beauty of Fall out here …but then we have the serene and severe desert to admire ! Would love to see Prithvi’s collage. Do share.
    It does seem like a really nice project. Especially since the family is involved too. i’m sure the little one too is enjoying the outings . It’s a beautiful country that you live in.

  6. iaminchennai says:

    ayooo…. These pictures are reminding me of Sydney.
    We used to take walks in the evening just to see how the colors of the leaves change as the time progresses…
    Lovely pictures… Love to see Pritvi’s collage

  7. Rain says:

    Lovely fall pics! OH do show us his collage.

  8. mamie says:

    the orchard picture? breathtaking.

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