Sky Shifts

Goodbye summer… Hello fall! 

Goodbye Summer

Yesterday, we had a plans of going on a post-dinner walk with the kids to celebrate the Autumn Equinox.  Hmm, that didn’t happen.  But we will do it one of these evenings just to see how different things look and feel now that crisp autumn days are ahead – cool and sunny at the same time.

We can feel the shift already as the summer weary sun dips below the horizon earlier and earlier each evening and how the parched earth welcomes a spray of cool rain. 

It’s time to embrace knitting not just for the process but also for the warmth.  Functional and fun all rolled into one – lovely hobby this.  Getting stuck into cool weather knitting is going to be wonderful.  That’s why as soon as I finished my Spring Forward Socks, I cast on for the Spring Beret.  Why I keep choosing patterns that have “boing, boing” in their title, I do not know!  Anyways, here’s what we gals were upto this morning.

The bebe catching up on her reading – all of 4 pages and she actually looked through the pictures this time! 

Bebe Book

And me with my knitting and some mmm…coffee.

Beret Knitting

Berets promise instant gratification knitting.  Considering that I’m a knitting slow poke, we’ll have to see.

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6 Responses to Sky Shifts

  1. iaminchennai says:

    oh. that sky… its to die for.. and what a way to welcome fall (considering we had a massive dust storm in spring)
    kiddo reading very seriously while mama is knitting… seems to be mom-daughter time 🙂

  2. mamie says:

    oooh, the pictures are wonderfully spectacularly gorgeous. do you have a back house we can move into? i cook and everything, i just do not clean very much.

    no really, the pictures are so great. we went with the 50D because we would have to sell an organ to get the mark, right? we did the loyalty trade in and will send out little trust xti back to the factory. i really do love canon.

    what do you shoot with right now….if you say the mark i will build a back house on your land just to be closer. 🙂
    could you imagine knitting and shooting together? it would be so fun.

  3. Jocelyn says:

    Beautiful photographs of beautiful subject!
    Hey, where’s the FO shot of the socks? And yes berets are wonderful quickies!

    Spring is eternal and it’s a perfect balance of the seasons so it’s only nateral to want it to linger, even in your knitting.

  4. purlycues says:

    Lovely lovely pictures!
    Kiki is sooooo cute engrossed in the book.Makes me sooooooo want a babydoll just like her:))

  5. Sanhita says:

    The photographs are gorgeous!! And your daughter is really serious about going thru’ all the four pages in one go!! Lovely candid shot!!

  6. Rain says:

    Lovely pictures!! Kiki looks adorable and that sky…wow.

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