Labor Day weekend for us was blustery, rainy and cold.  But none of that now, summer has held her (his?) ground and demands to rightfully be present for a while yet.  Bright sunshine greeted us early this morning which was a perfect opportunity for me to take a few pictures of my latest knitting achievement.  Yes, I say achievement since the gratification of finishing something knitted seems to be a thing of the distant past.  I was beginning to think that I’ve lost my knitting mojo there for a while.  But all is well in my knitting world because this is what came off my needles recently. 

Ishbel 1


Pattern: Ishbel by Ysolda Teague 
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock Yarn in “Lettuce”
Needles: Size US 6/4 mm
Started 7/21 – Finished 9/6

This is going to be a perfect little scarf to wrap around my neck when the weather turns chilly.  More pictures on my Rav projects page.

It really looks like so many bloggers are losing steam what with micro-blogging and Ravelry around and sometimes I wonder if too I should quit blogging.  The usual drill seems to be ‘I knit this and so I blog about it’.  The in-between times are just plain silence.  But I think about what a joy it is to follow some of my favorite blogs and peek into the daily lives of some really wonderful people.  This blogging, crafting thing is too much fun to give up. 

So, do you have any favorite blogs that make you smile?

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9 Responses to Ishbel

  1. BloreKnitter says:

    Ishbel is beautiful! The color is lovely.

    Quit blogging? No, please, don’t do that. Your I-knit-so-I-blog is reason enough for you to blog.

  2. frillbow says:

    No you absolutely mustn’t quit! I love seeing your posts – we have such similar tastes in projects, yarn, photography, ishbels! :D. I am very flattered that you like my blog so much too. 🙂

  3. Jocelyn says:

    Okay pretty shawl aside, are you crazy?!? Blog when you have an FO, or when the kids say or do something funny, or when you fancy teasing me about Vancouver. but don’t ever stop blogging.

    I’m chuffed that you love my blog, thanks so much. That’s pressure I don;t need you know?!

    Take care, so what’s next on the needles?

  4. mamie says:

    don’t stop blogging, i like peeking into your life too. i feel like twitter is so superficial and even if the entries are spaced out, it still makes me so happy when you post.

    the ishbel is so beautiful. i changed course with my wedding knit and decided to go with her latest pattern damsel, but now i can knit ishbel for myself…right after i get my hands on some of that malabrigo. mmmm.

    p.s. keep blogging. YOU are one of my faves.

  5. Yasmin says:

    Beautiful Ishbel, Preeti. Please keep blogging …it’s nice !

  6. Rain says:

    Oh gosh, what a beautiful shot of Ishbel!

    Pssst….your blog makes me smile! Yeah there you go, I said it! =D =D

  7. rima aranha says:

    Did I already say that this is a beauty! What a great color!

  8. Hilde says:

    Beautiful shawl and amazing green color!

  9. mazhalai says:

    love the shawl.. drooling over the pretty green
    fav blog.. ummm… lemme go search my rss feeds for my fav.

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