No Socks This Time

It seems like I’m always late to the knitting party.  But, better late than never was my thought for the current project on my needles…Ishbel.  I had some Malabrigo sock yarn in my stash that I didn’t want to turn into a pair of socks but thought that I could try knitting a scarf or some sort of neck-warmer-thingy with.  Ishbel, has the possibility of combining two different sizes to accommodate yardage – or in my case, lack thereof.  The stockinette  bit is done for the smaller size and the lace part for the larger shawl.  Let’s hope that there is no nail-biting finish with this project with the possibility of running out of yarn!!

Ishbel Begun

So, I cast on for this shawlette while we were on vacation in India in between sighting wildlife and lounging by the pool.  Considering that I did so much lounging, I should have been done with this project, but with all of the moving and changes that have been going on around here, I lost momentum with this WIP and all of the others that I managed to stuff into my knitting bag and so all I’ve managed to complete is the stockinette part of the pattern. 

However, things have definitely perked up since I began the lace chart and I am sure that this will be done and blocked soon.  I’m late for the Ishbel party, but I’m determined to be done with this one before summer bids us farewell.

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4 Responses to No Socks This Time

  1. mamie says:

    i am making an ishbel for my soon to be sister in law to wear at the wedding. i plan on adding a few random owls into the shawlette as that is part of her theme. yours looks lovely so far.

  2. frillbow says:

    1 won’t be enough you know!!

  3. Amrita says:

    This looks gorgeous! I remember seeing it when we met up and I’m sure the scarf version will work up fine! can’t wait to see the FO and the model wearing it 🙂

  4. mazhalai says:

    lovely color! cant wait to see the finished shawlette

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