Green on my mind

Been thinking about going green for a while now. 

No, not the noble way of going green to make this world a better place but knitting from my green stash type of going green.  I think that I’m too boring to be a tree-hugger.  Although, I try to do my bit by recycling and being mindful of not being wasteful – now that’s a mouthful!


Speaking of tree hugging, I once saw this group of tree huggers in Tofino getting ready to do some serious rallying about saving the forests.  It was something else!!!  That was back when hemp was still a whispered word.  Now, we knitters, we knit with hemp.

So, I’ve been looking at all the knitting that I have been doing lately and it seems like most of it is pink.  My Ravelry projects page can attest to the fact that I like this color and it’s host of cousins.  Funny that, because I have all of this other stash which is NOT pink but I when I think of casting on for a new project, I always seem to gravitate towards the rosy colors.


I was thinking that the best way to nuke this pink streak was to knit with some Malabrigo Green Apple that I have.  Talk about putting some zing into my knitting projects! 


But I don’t feel like knitting a hat right now which is what this traffic-stopping-yarn is going to be someday, no..wait, red makes traffic stop, green makes things go, right?  Bwah!

Instead, I’m going to use DIC Smooshy’s Happy Forest which will be perfect for a pair of green socks, no?  Off to stalk Ravelry for pattern possibilities, that should take…um…five days at least!!!


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7 Responses to Green on my mind

  1. mazhalai says:

    me loves all your colors and their cousins 🙂

  2. Pearlin says:

    I love all your colours and their cousins too!!

  3. iaminchennai says:

    is that one on the top: feb sweater????
    I love the green apple color…. but i will prefer the other green to wear 😀

  4. Jocelyn says:

    I think it’s a knitter’s death trap that’s unavoidable. You’ve been on a pink funk, I have been on a purple streak. And it doesn’t look like it will stop soon as most of my recent Sundara acquisition is in the purple end of the spectrum. The odd green here and there does mix it up a bit.

    That Apple Green Mally is gorgeous, not my colour but it pops. Red or not it will stop traffic alright!

    Happy Forest looks awesome. I have sock books you can borrow if you are so inclined, just holler.

  5. Rain says:

    Your stuck in pink, I’m stuck in purple! E-gads! But now thanks to you, I’m moving towards the primary colours of purple: Blue and red heheheehe.

    That second green is just yum, well, you know what I mean 😉 Not to mention today’s Mally haul 😉

    Ps. Can you hear the Whispers? Muaahahahahaaa…

    • ramblingroses says:

      The Happy Forest is definitely going to be my next pair of ongoing socks. I
      think that one should always have a sock on the needles then you can never
      run out of handknit socks (says the girl who swore never to knit socks!!!)
      But the Whisper is definitely calling and I can’t resist. I haven’t wound
      my skeins yet so that I won’t be tempted to swatch or cast on!!!

      Love your papaya whisper – it’s knitting up lovely and looks different in
      different light right?

  6. mamie says:

    the yarn is so luscious. you have the best stash, lady, i cannot wait for the move as i plan on coming up to visit you and all your goodness. i love the apple green. yum

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