Sock Grief

I was determined to knit a bit on my TTL Mystery Sock each day and I did.  Each evening I would knit a repeat or two on this sock and things were going well until I finished turning the heel.  It fit, the pattern looked great and there were no mistakes (I think).

I can’t get over how pretty the Eye of Partridge heel looks:)

Aha!  All the smugness about that heel business was just the pre-cursor to all things going downhill from that point.

Doesn’t look like anything is wrong???  Let me explain…

Like every eager sock knitter, I tried the sock on every few repeats and always kept thinking that it was nice and snug on the leg but then really floppy on the foot.  Each time I dismissed this seemingly disproportionate fit thinking that this is probably how handknit socks felt.  Me crazy!!!

Enter sock sole to fit a Sasquatch

It never occurred to me to check my STITCH COUNT! Bwaahahahaha grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t feel like ripping, picking and re-knitting the foot of this sock right now and so the only way to go forward was to cast on for another pair!!!!

This time Cookie A’s Monkey in some delicious Ruby Red Fleece Artist (I’m having linkage problems so no links, sorry). No problems with this sock…yet!

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6 Responses to Sock Grief

  1. mazhalai says:

    i love the Eye of Partridge heel.. so sorry to hear about the sole 😦
    love the colors you picked.. the red is ooohhh soooo pretty.. drool drool

  2. Anjali says:

    Oh dear! Things like these can really put you off. Good you decided to leave this pair as it is and start a fresh one. I love those refreshing colors of the first pair. BTW, all these hats and socks are part of the big move to Canada?

  3. Jocelyn says:

    Your second photo is not showing up. The foot of the mystery sock is interesting. Ripping is never pretty but sometimes you just have to suck in a big breath and just do it.

    Ah, Monkeys. I have read the pattern so many times but can’t quite bring myself to do charts. Yet. There’s always the No Purl MOnkeys if I can’t find enough courage though.

    That ruby red yarn is delicious.

  4. mamie says:

    eeek. noooo. do another pair fast so you can forget the mix up.

    i never frog either. just move along. nothing to see here.

  5. Charmaine says:

    Argh! Don’t you hate when that happens, but like Jocelyn said, just do it quickly, like pulling a band-aid (sticking plaster?) off.
    Monkey was the first ever sock that I knitted and I think it is a great pattern. I’m sure you’ll have lots of success with it.

  6. Rain says:

    Aha got you on bloglines so I won’t miss out on your posts!

    Oh dear, perhaps you should rip rip and then – well – you’d be forced to do it over, instead of feeling all panicky when you happen to catch a glimpse of it in your yarn basket!

    Love the ruby red fleece artist – it’s delectable – like strawberries dusted with icing sugar!

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