Sock saga

That was a long blogging break.  Who knew that a case of acute sinusitis could impede pretty much everything – even simple tasks like bending down to tie my shoelaces.  But, I’m doing better now and thank you to everyone who sent me get-well-soon emails and comments:)

Back on my needles is my TTL Mystery Socks🙂  It’s no longer a mystery since that KAL has long been completed.  I’m determined to try and finish these socks and I have to report that sock knitting is not as scaaarrrrry as I thought.  I decided to take the plunge and continue knitting with the DPNs that this sock was on and…it’s not difficult at all.  After a few rows I felt like a victory chant was in order!!!! 

I can’t wait for the leg to be done before I work on the pretty heel.  Eye of partridge heel on a sock is sure pretty – me loves!!!  The pictures of the finished socks for this KAL on Rav is definitely an inspiration to keep going.

In exciting yarny news, Vineet decided to surprise me with a yarn gift certificate from Eat.Sleep.Knit, this being my birthday month and all:):)  So, I have new yarn in the mail and I am sure that it will arrive on my doorstep bang on my birthday because he will make sure to get the timing perfect….well because he’s sweet like that.  What does this mean for my yarn diet???  Gifts don’t count, right???  I also signed up for the yarnathon and I think that I have already earned the 1 mile badge.


In any case, I did some stash-sorting a couple weeks ago and realized that I would probably never knit with a lot of it. This stash is going to be donated to a friend who uses fabric and yarn remnants as crafting supplies for kids who are disabled:)  She recently had a craft sale to raise money and awareness for this very purpose and sold some exceptional crocheted berets and scarves made by these sweet kids themselves – so colorful and pretty!

In other news, it seems like we always get to see this city that we live in through different eyes each time we have guests over at our home.  We are fortunate that Dubai has a central location globally and so many friends and family have routed their transcontinental travel via the Sandlands.  This has meant that we have always had guests popping by for a few days every few months – which is great!  We had an uncle visit us this past weekend and we really enjoyed his company and stories of his adventures.  He is great with kids and so our kiddos had a wonderful time with him. We will miss this once we move but life goes on and for today I am happy.

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4 Responses to Sock saga

  1. Jimmy says:

    I admire people who knit socks by hand. I have been in the sock business all of my life, making them with machines.

    I now have an internet web site that I hope you will check out.

    Good luck to all you knitters out there.


  2. Pearlin says:

    that sock is shaping up nicely! But more than that I so want to give a hug to little Kiki 🙂 She looks so darling!!!
    and that expression on Prithvi is priceless! 😀

  3. mamie says:

    glad you are all better. we are finally on the mend and it feels good.

    the pictures are awesome…so expressive. did you take those? good job!

  4. rima aranha says:

    That sock is really nice. One of my favorite blue colors. PS: Also like your kids’ photos.

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