A perfect day

When I wake up to rain, I always feel like its going to be a perfect day.  I know that this may sound odd, but I really, reeeeeeeally love the rain.  This past Friday was one such day and perfect it was.

This is how it rolled…  (in pictures)

For the record, I was not a part of this pack of steel clothed in skin but just a part of the cheering crowd witnessing this year’s Dubai Marathon.


You can’t see Mr. Yellow Shoes (Ethiopian runner – Haile Gebrselassie) clearly, but he came out on top of the pack!


And here is Mr. Yellow Shoes!  Now, that`s what I call a get-up!!

Fast forward to the same afternoon.  Not a cloud in sight,  only cool breezes with plenty-o-sunshine.  Perfect for a Party in the Park.


This little cutie turned one!


More birthday candles for the others who turned, um… more than one fer shuuure!


I hope that it rains every weekend.  I know that this statement is going to come and bite me… ask me if I still love the rain when we move to the Canadian Wet West Coast.

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5 Responses to A perfect day

  1. mazhalai says:

    O i didn’t know that it rained in Dubai ever.
    cuties are so sweet.

  2. Jocelyn says:

    Aww, happy birthday!

    Where do you live? The marathon ran the length of Jumeirah Beach Road right? And I work just on the corner of Al Thanya Street. Hey, we could meet up over coffee one of these days!

  3. rima aranha says:

    Your daughter looks so cute and chubby! Does she have folds on her thighs? Man, she is cute.

    One second. You are moving to Canada?

  4. mamie says:

    OMG you are going to be in BC? We are meeting up for sure! yay.

  5. knitnkanmani says:

    look ath those 2 muffins ….oooh so cutey and OMG u hv beautiful-looking friends 2?????

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