There was Christmas knitting

Due to Christmas knitting being synonymous with deadlines, I tend to stay away from it each year.  But this past Christmas, there were a couple handknit gifts – definitely a first for me.  I blogged about one in December and it was received in typical baby fashion – squeals of delight tearing through the wrapping paper and then chomp, chomp, chomp on the contents of the package and then back to shredding the wrapping paper.  I did manage to get a picture of the chomping:)


The other piece of Christmas knitting was Odessa (Rav) by Grumperina.  This was for a friend who will be moving to Halifax.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it.  I used Lang Merino yarn in a gorgeous burgundy for this hat and followed the pattern throughout omitting the beads.  Great pattern and fun to knit.  I’m thinking that I might knit this again maybe with some Rowan Calmer.

Both these projects were knit with yarn from the stash.  I’ve been reading all over blogland about knitterly resolutions and self-challenges. I have been thinking too about consumerism and the desire for more and the need for things and must-haves.  I would like this year to be different and so I hope to reduce my stash by at least half this year (gasp!!)  

As a family, we are going to steer away from the magnetic force that the words “Sale” have on us and even though my favorite china is on sale, I will say no!!!  I will weep a little, but will say no.  This is no easy task, what with the Dubai Shopping Festival a mere week away, this is going to be tough, tough, tough.  Wish us luck!

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2 Responses to There was Christmas knitting

  1. mazhalai says:

    heres wishing you a lot of luck
    That china is to swoon over!

  2. mamie says:

    it seems like we are all thinking of the same things in this 09. we have started entertaining the idea of doing a slow month in february. that would entail not buying anything for the month unless it was food/gas/work related. if you want to read a really interesting inspiring blog on the topic, look up a day in french life. she is amazing in her abilities to sustainably live.

    want to try it with us? the more the merrier, especially for the accountability.

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