Skater Bunny

So, like I was saying, I’ve been on small project mode for a while now.  For now, this seems to be the only way to see some knitting progress with my limited knitting time.  It’s all good.

I recently discovered the cuteness that are knitted toys and got the pattern for Barbara Prime’s Well Dressed Bunny.  It’s amazing how quick the knitting went and it’s a good thing that I don’t mind mattress stitch seams because all the bits and pieces are knitted flat and then seamed!!  There are excellent hints on her website for putting this adorable toy together.

It looks like I’ve gotten the seasons and festivities mixed up.  I’m knitting bunnies at Christmastime when it should be stars and trees.  Moving on…

I dug out some Rowan 4-ply cotton from the stash which I thought could make a cute bunny.  Well, it turned out smaller than I thought it would – skinny yarn, small bunny.  In addition, I botched up attaching the limbs to the bunny’s body.  So, dude bunny here looks like he’s had hip replacement surgery.

About why he’s called Skater Bunny…and why he’s a he when I was trying to knit a girl bunny…I was working on the dress that is supposed to make this bunny “well dressed”.  That was not to be because the dress was going to be more like a huge, floppy tent*.  After a couple tries I gave up and moved on to my next small project, thinking that I would try working on the dress later. 

There’s a point to this monologue, trust me. 

Prithvi decided to “adopt” this discarded bunny and this is what he did to my girl bunny…

Meet Skater Bunny!!!


I think that he looks like a dude bunny with his floppy ears and so I haven’t tried knitting that dress again.  Our bunny believes in living on the wild side and so will remain undressed rather than well-dressed!!

*Barbara mentions on her website that many people have had problems with the dress being too roomy but she can’t seem to figure out why.  I think that if I ever decide to knit this dress, I will be going down 3 (yes, 3!!!) needle sizes.  Talk about toothpick knitting!!!

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4 Responses to Skater Bunny

  1. rima aranha says:

    Hehe. Wild side!

    Really nice bunny. Your son is very creative… and I am sure your daughter is all over the new toy.

  2. mazhalai says:

    skater bunny= too cute!
    and that sounds like sock knitting..

  3. Anjali says:

    Cute bunny! I am sure Keertana loves him.

  4. mamie says:

    i love what he did with the bunny. my boys would die for that small board, they are already obsessed. i cannot wait to get them on the snow.

    i once knit a whole sweater on size 3’s. crazy. then i gave it away becasue it was too warm for southern california. ah, knitting.

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