Christmas countdown

Yay…it’s December!!!!!


The kids have their Advent calenders out and Christmas carols are playing.  Lights and decorations are going to go up this weekend.  However, our fake tree is going to sit in it’s box unopened thanks to KiKi who insists on “tasting” everything that’s around. 

Bit and bobs I’ve fished out of her mouth recently: lego, newspaper, onion peel, a piece of plastic (I shudder to think where the rest of this object is – in her tummy maybe???), yarn, some questionable looking stuff, etc etc.  So the fake pine needles on our fake Christmas tree are not going down the same route, hence we shall do Christmas sans tree. 


However, the city is sporting many trees adorned with glistening baubles and crystals and fairy lights. While having dinner this weekend at a lovely waterfront restaurant, we spotted this ginormous tree.  It is fake of course (notice the palm trees alongside) and I think that you will see the city’s own “Babel” in the far distance (click on the pic to make bigger and you will see what I mean).  All the same, Christmas is in the air and I feel like singin’!!

On Santa…ever since Prithvi realized that there is no Santa Claus, the excitement around the pot-bellied guy in the red suit has diminished but he told me last week that we have to go back to Santa lists because KiKi can’t miss out on the fun and can he make his own list too?  Now, that’s what I call brain-wash-marketing!! 


A few years ago, he was really perplexed about how Santa dropped off his gifts below our tree since we have no chimney.  He came up with his own solution that Santa uses the air-conditioning vents since he had to find a way to cool off while in Dubai, because after all he’s from the freezing North Pole! 

Santa lists this year…still being debated!

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5 Responses to Christmas countdown

  1. mazhalai says:

    love the angel and the polka dot dress…too cute!
    and nice to hear about the kids.
    Hope you have a wonderful advent season!

  2. mamie says:

    i seriously said oh my god, that is so cute! when i saw the knitting. i love it. happy christmas. amiee

  3. purlycues says:

    We just finished decorating too . The fact that Santa doesn’t exist for A doesn’t mean Santa’s list of things to bring has gone 🙂

  4. Josie says:

    lovely Angel ornament..

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