KnitPicks Loot and my DUH moment

Lookit!!!!  Yarn from KnitPicks to add my ever growing stash!!  Seriously, I’ve run out of space in my yarn closet, aka, two huge IKEA bins.  But I just had to have some more yarny goodness and so this was a treat from le monsieur hubster for Mother’s Day (in advance) 🙂

All this click, click, click online combined with yarny happiness can cloud the brain, because here’s what I did

DUH moment!!!

Knitters Almanac from KnitPicks – check, Knitters Almanac from Amazon – check

See what I mean by my total DUH moment!!!!  Oh well, I have someone in mind that I would like to gift my extra copy to and I hope that she will like it (Elizabeth Zimmerman, what’s not to like!!!)

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3 Responses to KnitPicks Loot and my DUH moment

  1. Yasmin says:

    Yummy! Yarny goodness…no greatness!Lucky friend of yours , I’m sure she’ll love the book. I’ve been hearing about this book everywhere and getting all curious and greedy!

  2. Yasmin says:

    Shock of shocks! Are you getting Ravelry as a blocked site? I’m totally freaked out! Why is it blocked? And here I was making plans for us UAE knitters and crocheters!

  3. Charmaine says:

    Laugh! I think I nearly did that once too. I’m always buying stuff from both knit picks and Amazon, so it’s easy to do. Have fun with all your new yarn!

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