Weekend happenings

So, since yesterday marked the beginning of the weekend here in the Sandlands (yeah, the Middle East is like totally upside down, we begin our week on Sunday when everyone else is sleeping in!!!!).

Like I was saying…our weekend…it was a bit on the hazy side since our neck of the woods got hit by a dust storm.  It wasn’t too bad though, go check out how bad it was for some folks. All the same, I didn’t want to get all grimy and gravelly if we spent the day doing outdoorsy things, well, as outdoorsy as you can get when it’s almost touching 100 degrees in the shade!!  So, we decided to haul ourselves to the mall for some “people watching”.  

It was fun to engage in this absolutely-pointless-pastime and also get some knitting started while enjoying a delicious latte.  It’s on to the front of my tank now folks and I have to say that the knitting has been going quicker somehow.  I can see finishing happening in the near future!!! 


On another note, my thoughts after all that “people watching” stuff, I think that wearing sunglasses INSIDE the mall should be banned.  That’s upping the dork factor really high, don’t care what the fashion police say!!! Even if said sunglasses are rhinestone encrusted or have flashing lights on them! 

Off to knit some more.  But first I need to nibble these toes!!!

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1 Response to Weekend happenings

  1. Yasmin says:

    So true about the sun glasses worn inside the malls! Tickles me , really! And those little toes are so nibbly…yum!

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