My posts today seem to be all flowery-like, but considering that I love flowers…this is ok!

Since this post waaaay back, I have been putting off attaching the ties to the Blossom wraparound dress from Magknits. But I finally got my act together and ta-da…Baby K in her Blossom on her 4 month “birthday”

I attached black velvet ribbon which looks great on the orange yarn. At the end of the day, said ribbon was covered in baby drool and had shed most of it’s velvety-ness!!! Note to self – next time use satin ribbon!
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5 Responses to Blossom

  1. Rima Aranha says:

    SOOO cute! Your baby is adorable, and so is her new outfit.

    I suppose I have been missing your posts because they are yet to show up on Ravelry…

  2. Anaamica says:

    Owww…. she is adorable. A close up picture of the dress please πŸ™‚


  3. Purlycues says:

    Your daughter looks soooooooo adorable , like a doll :)Thanks for visiting my blog

  4. Yasmin says:

    Utterly adorable baby! And looks like Blossom has blossomed well too. The dress looks fabulous.Love the colour combo. Good to have a fellow ravelrer and knitter in UAE.

  5. knitnkanmani says:

    hey come home Kiki πŸ™‚

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