Waiting, nesting, waiting some more

Who knew that this baby thing would overtake my life and that getting everyday stuff accomplished would end up in bed rest!!! I think that I have gone into nesting mode which has made me feel run down. Baby K is due November 11th and I am exhausted.

But we just can’t wait to see her and to hold her and I have been getting some knitting done for her and I can’t wait for her to wear the little knits her Mama made for her.

There’s tons more knitting stuff I want to get done before she arrives, but I guess that I will just have to ease up and take things slow.

In the meantime, how about a doll’s dress…
I used 1.5 hanks of Phildar Canasta yarn to make this cute sundress for an 18” doll. The yarn is super splity but has a lovely sheen to it. I think that it turned out cute. I used my own pattern to work this dress and called this pattern “Bo Peep” The pattern will be posted on my blog for anyone interested!

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